CoC: Sixlines pre-war

(Stats and writeup by Delpez)

Last time we met these guys the clans were well matched, and the result was our first draw. It looks like they’ve progressed much faster than us, because this is a mismatch comparable to the Mexico 2.0 war. As always, here’s a breakdown of clan strength based on TH and experience level. I’ve included Mexico 2.0 as a reference.

Nr of TH10 3 3 5
Nr of TH9 9 13 10
Nr of TH8 32 32 33
Nr of TH7 4 2 2
Nr of TH5&6 2 0 0
Ave TH Level 8.14 8.34 8.36


TH9&10 XP 93 98 98
TH8 XP 75 76 77
TH7 XP 54 66 61
Ave XP Level 76 83 83


As you can see, they have very similar stats to Mexico 2.0, but also keep mind that we’ve progressed a bit since that war (so the mismatch is not as severe as it first appears!) Also, Sixlines only have three TH10’s vs. Mexico’s five. We left 11 stars behind against Mexico’s TH10’s, so we should score better against the top 5 in this war – it’s easier getting stars from a high TH9 than a TH10.


Next is the base strength and minimum number of stars we should aim for. Remember that the main goal of this is to help us focus on the correct bases – first get 3-stars of easy and medium bases before hitting tough bases which already have 2-stars.


# TH Level Strength Min Stars
1 10 0
2 10 1
3 10 1
4 9 2
5 9 1
6 9 1
7 9 2
8 9 2
9 9 2
10 9 2
11 9 2
12 9 2
13 9 2
14 9 2
15 9 2
16 9 2
17 8 Toughest 2
18 8 Toughest 2
19 8 Toughest 2
20 8 Toughest 2
21 8 Toughest 2
22 8 Toughest 2
23 8 Toughest 2
24 8 Toughest 2
25 8 Toughest 2
26 8 Toughest 2
27 8 Toughest 2
28 8 Medium 3
29 8 Toughest 2
30 8 Toughest 2
31 8 Medium 3
32 8 Medium 3
33 8 Medium 3
34 8 Medium 3
35 8 Toughest 2
36 8 Toughest 2
37 8 Medium 3
38 8 Medium 3
39 8 Toughest 3
40 8 Medium 3
41 8 Medium 3
42 8 Easy 3
43 8 Easy 3
44 8 Easy 3
45 8 Easy 3
46 8 Easy 3
47 8 Easy 3
48 8 Easy 3
49 7 Easy 3
50 7 Easy 3


We got over 80% of our stars against the top bases versus Mexico, which was already a big improvement from previously. If we continue in this vein, and our TH8’s perform as they usually do, we should get in the region of 115-120 stars. To get there our high TH8’s with access to good GoWiPe will need to help out against their TH9 bases. Also, these guys have only two TH7’s, so we should give our players with level 2 dragons the opportunity to contribute by attacking the easy bases first. Mexico scored 120 stars against us, but I think Sixlines have better attacks (more high level hogs and GoWiPe) – I predict 120-130 stars. So although this is a mismatch, we should get close if we attack clever and well (and they don’t!).

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5 Responses to CoC: Sixlines pre-war

  1. Gormn says:

    Interesting, got my 2* dragons cooking now, so will get my two attacks in (as a TH7) asap.

  2. Gevlon says:

    Yet another mismatch. The matchmaker seems to be bugged.
    Or, considering CoC is a p2w game, maybe the matchmaker favors clans where the members buy more gems.

    Try spending some money and see what kind of enemy you get next time.

    • Kobeathris says:

      I don’t think the matchmaker is bugged or cheating so much as it is just tries not to make you wait too long. In the last moth (as far back as the log goes in game), we have had 2 loses, 1 draw, and 7 victories. I don’t think Syncaine has posted about all of them though, because some of the wars just wouldn’t be that interesting to read about. When he starts a war search, it usually has a war ready pretty quickly, the longer it waits, the more mis-matched the war becomes.

      • SynCaine says:

        I think it also takes into consideration win rate. We win a lot, so more often than not we are facing a clan with higher xp/TH lvls. We smash most, so we keep getting matched up against tougher and tougher opponents. I can only remember one war, a long time ago, where we got completely blown out.

        Also leave it to the captain of the Tackle Titan to believe CoC is P4P.

  3. Delpez says:

    Gevlon, mismatches are usually not that bad because of the attack redundancy. Each player get two attacks, so each clan have 100 attacks, but only 50 bases to attack. In a perfect scenario you can score full stars with half your attacks left! It means that a weaker clan can compete because they have a lot of attacks to throw at the stronger clan.

    Our current problem is that we have a lot of new Town Hall 9 bases. Players usually have 4 builders to upgrade structures (mostly defense), but only 1 laboratory to upgrade their troops (offence). As a result, offence lags defense as you upgrade your base. So those new TH9 bases defensively looks like TH9 bases, and they get matched to other TH9 bases in wars. However, on attack they are still basically TH8 bases, so they can’t really contribute against TH9 bases. As soon as they have leveled their troops to an acceptable level, mismatches won’t be such an issue, since each TH9 base will have two powerful attacks to throw at the opponents.

    Finally, even with the current teething problems, we are still on a 65% win ratio this month (if we lose the current war). Overall that ratio is 76% That’s quite decent considering that we are definitely not a hardcore clan. I only do the stats when wars go wrong (to learn from it) or if it’s really close (because it’s exciting!)

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