How many lies are Smed and company going to tell before they all finally cash out?

The slow and public execution of EQN continues.

But don’t worry, dumping the software to help you make “strong AI” doesn’t mean you aren’t committed to “strong AI” huh?

What’s next, firing the art team but reassuring all the fans that EQN is still going to be gorgeous? Maybe taking the entire sound department out to the parking lot and returning to confirm that EQN is going to sound amazing?

Keep doing you Smed, keep doing you.

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8 Responses to How many lies are Smed and company going to tell before they all finally cash out?

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    How long do you think it will be before Smed leaves Daybreak?

  2. silvertemplar says:

    In a day, they break games……

  3. My experience in these things, which includes being through 6 mergers/acquisitions, is that the senior staff gets a contract that keeps them on for 12-24 months to guide the transition, after which they get a big payout and we are all told they are “pursuing other opportunities” or similar boiler plate.

    In order to get that payout they have a whole list of things, which includes saying nothing but good things about the merger, how it will make things better, and spinning everything as a plus.

    So yeah, things out of Smed’s mouth from the day this was announced until the day he pursues other opportunities will be guided by contractual limitation. Basically, he’ll lose a bunch of money if he tells it like it is.

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  6. spinks says:

    It is always possible that the Storybricks stuff didn’t do what they were hoping and they were looking for an excuse to get out of the contract anyway.

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