CoC: Who wants more war?

CoC released an update today, focused around clan wars. Clans can now gain XP, with perks unlocking as you go. There are also a number of ‘quality of life’ changes like being able to opt-out of a war.

This post is mostly for Supreme Cream members; should we go to war 3 times per week? Thinking start wars Monday noonish, Wed night, Saturday morning. So battle days would be Tuesday midday->Wed midday, Thursday night->Friday night, and Sunday morning-> Monday morning.

Ideally we get all 50 members opting in, but so long as we have at least 40 (so up to 10 people opting out per war), I think that would work well. I want to get us up in ranks so we unlock the perks asap, as a number of them sound very helpful (loot bonus, troop discount). Comment away, even if it’s just a simple yes/no.

Quick recruitment note: While we are at 50 members, there are a few potential open spots due to ‘compliance’ issues. If you have a decently developed TH7+, and are active and willing to learn/improve, apply in-game to Surpreme Cream! mentioning the blog and I’ll get you in.

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23 Responses to CoC: Who wants more war?

  1. Delpez says:

    For me three wars would be too much. However, I do spend a lot of time gathering data and analyzing bases for the write-ups, so if I cut back on that three wars a week might be ok. I do think that this option will be used quite often. People will opt out not only if they are away, but also if their heroes or spell factory are on upgrade. However, this also give us the opportunity for “designer” wars.

    For example, take only TH9&10’s to see what wars are like at the top. Or only TH8’s, or only our top 20 players, or bottom 20, etc. I think we should aim to get everyone in at least one war a week (weekend?), with the second war optional and the third either optional or designed for a specific group.

    • Jonneh says:

      I actually work in surveillance and do a lot of data gathering for clinical scientists, I don’t mind assisting to pull information together if you would like some help. Will have to see how the times land first of course but I think the Monday and Wednesday ones should be ok. I am usually a bit busy over the weekend though.

  2. Gormn says:

    Havent’ looked into the changes too much yet myself, but essentially I have no issue with the idea of 3 wars a week.

  3. Tirn says:

    Write up your process Del, I am sure other people can help out if they have time.

    Biggest issue for me is war timing. As I work in the week, evenings and lunch time is the only chance for attacks. I can see skipping a third war sometimes.

    I think we s should try it.

  4. sleepysam says:

    I’m ok with more wars. I think it will slow down upgrades a bit.

  5. josch2k says:

    Just saw your post, got in game and wondered how I can opt out? Do the war initiator opt-out members?

    But b2t: In my opinion 3 wars are a bit hard to participate. Upgrading, (Dark) Elixir lacks and so on.
    With an opt-out system we get an avoidance machanism installed. Easy opponent -> Many clan war participants and the other way around. So, how to motivate members to participate in hard wars?
    Another fact: At TH8 a full drag attack with 2x rage and 1x heal costs about 442k elixir. So at TH8 you have to reserve 1,3 mio elixir / week for wars. Tough for casual players.

    But… suck it and see. Let’s try the 3times/week cycle and see how it unfolds.

    Just my 2cents so far.

    • sleepysam says:

      Prolly won’t have the excess elixir laying around at TH8 as much, eh? Mine’s down the nub at the moment, tho.

    • McCaspar says:

      You can opt out yourself, via your profile.

      Also, I doubt opting out works after a war started. So when Syn starts a search, all members that are opted in right there and then, join that war. I assume opting out during a war doesn’t really do anything for that ongoing war.

      That said, I’m for more wars, the more the merrier :-)

  6. Jonneh says:

    I’m happy to join for 3, I will just opt out as delpez said when hero’s and spells are upgrading.

    I really like the idea of theme wars, even if it is just to observe others.

  7. saucelah says:

    Do it to level the clan then rethink after perks etc. are unlocked.

  8. Mikrakov says:

    I’m at the stage where elixir is becoming a non issue so I view each war as a great profit in gold and dark elixir, so I’m happy for 3 wars a week. Plus, wars are the reason I play CoC, it’s what makes it stand out from the crowd.

  9. Caldazar says:

    At my TH6 wars are often me throwing elixir away against higher lvl ths without a hope of getting anything. That said, while it does slow me down, I am not against 3 wars and working towards clan perks.

    • Jonneh says:

      Just level up to 7 and unlock dragons, lots of time at th7 to make up for any rushing and much easier with barb king. Get more troops as well.

      TH7 is a game changer

      • SynCaine says:

        Agree, no real point to sitting at TH6. Get to 7, get dragons upgraded, and then you can hit any TH7 and many TH8 in wars. Then you can sit at TH7 and max out before moving to TH8.

  10. JHO says:

    I like the idea of more wars but think the short term opt in/opt out could get pretty messy. If we have two people opting out, do we go to a 45 participant war, meaning 3 actives miss out?

    I’m keen to see how it goes anyway and get those perks leveled up.

    • SynCaine says:

      Guessing that is how it will work, although if we know someone is sitting out, and our lower trophy players still want in on the war, someone higher up can then sit out as well (if they are saving elixir for instance).

  11. BHM says:

    I’m up for 3 wars a week. Biggest concern would be the elixer cost at TH8, if I’m not actively farming I’m not sure its possible to do 6 dragon attacks.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea elixir stays important until near the end of TH8. Right now my alt is at that point, and I no longer need elixir really. Being able to mix in a gowipi or hogs attack is helpful to spread the cost a bit as well.

  12. Jenks says:

    I may have trouble fully participating on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but I’d certainly give it a shot. I don’t know much about the opt-out feature – would opting out of a war be 2 strikes against your 8 attacks/5 wars?

    • SynCaine says:

      Opting out doesn’t count against the 8/5 rule. In fact I’m hoping with the option to opt-out, we won’t have an issue going forward with too many missed wars.

  13. blackyG says:

    I’m definitely up for more wars. I usually have the time during the week/weekend and with the opt in/out ability, I think we should give it a try. Also it would be cool to get a jump start on the new bonuses.

    • Silk says:

      I’m up for more wars as well, I’ll be opting out of the weekday wars for the next couple of weeks and then I’ll be alongside for months and will be able to participate in all wars.

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