CoC: Please continue to pay to lose

Guys, guys, I’m going to buy a ton of gems, rush up to TH10, and help us crush people in wars. It’s going to be awesome! – Wallet Warrior

Nope. (just an FYI, video is a bit loud for some reason)

This is part of why I do (people are dumb) but also don’t understand how SuperCell makes so much money with CoC. Rushing ahead in the game is, generally, a bad idea. The game is so complex that you really do need that ‘growth time’ at lower town hall levels, as each step increases the challenge considerable and trying to learn after the fact leads to, well, the above. As I’ve said before, CoC is more than worth paying for, but I literally have less-than-zero reason to do so.

But hey, I’ll gladly take dummies funding future development for me while also entertaining all of us with their failures. Solid win/win all around.


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  1. Caldazar says:

    Also, at very roughly 10 cents per hour buildtime bought, buying gems is incredibly expensive

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