FFXIV: Should I be worried about the expansion?

Quick concern here; currently I’m lvl 35 in FFXIV, and odds aren’t great that I’ll have time to hit 50 and do most of the end-game stuff in the game before the expansion hits. From those who are 50 and have been following the expansion news, is this something to worry about?

My main concern is that once the expansion hits, finding groups for the older content will become impossible or require super-long queues, and that any progress or systems at the current level cap will become obsolete due to the level increase (basically what happens in most other themeparks when they soft reset via cap increase). Again, based on current info available, is this going to be the case or does SquareEnix have something in place to not repeat this common mistake of the themepark model?

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  1. DeepSleeper says:

    People will be leveling a new tank class, new healer class, and new DPS.
    Dungeon-running/rouletting is still the best way to make XP quick.
    You should be mostly fine for a while.

  2. MaximGtB says:

    One possible road bump could be level 50 story dungeons/trials. You are going to need to do those before you can start the expansion story. However, I’d bet they will be added to some kind of roulette that level 60 players will want to do. The devs have been pretty sensible at that kind of thing.

    So no, I don’t think you have to worry too much. With that said, though… hurry the hell up, man!

    • this is what I was thinking and the new classes are locked behind the main story too from what i read. You need to finish it in order to get them.
      There are quite a few dungeons and trials as a part of the story as well, right now that isn’t an issue because of the duty finder and how it rewards the tokens for end game stuff. I suspect this will be the system in the expansion too as they have alluded to it a few times.

  3. Dyssent says:

    I’ve had similar concerns, as I’m level 25 now. Some of the story quests depend on having a group, and I’ve seen some long queues already for it… I’m wondering if any readers have an active guild on the Malboro server I can join to try and catch up in the coming weeks?

  4. Rohan says:

    Because FFXIV scales people down to the level of the dungeon, they’re quite happy to make max level people go back and do earlier dungeons.

  5. Mixaboy says:

    They have been somewhat mum about this. My assumption is that older content will still be done in the ‘Duty Roulettes’ that max level players currently do now for endgame currency. SE has been pretty good about incentivizing players to sparingly do old content so as to have a constant population around to run with people behind the curve, and I think forced level-syncing content players are overleveled/geared for has been a great boon to make it so people aren’t just completely trivializing the stuff for people experiencing it the first time.

  6. pkudude99 says:

    Add me to the “don’t think you’ll need to worry about it” pile. I’m constantly doing low-level dungeons when I play, either to use for the xp boost on the jobs I’m still leveling, or to ge the endgame tokens to use for gear.

    Additionally, once you have gear level 70 you can run the Syrcus Tower raid, which is actually pretty easy. You get 100-150 tokens per run, plus a chance at loot that’s i100. In my last 2 runs through it, I’ve gotten 3 pieces of gear, plus sands and oils to “unweather” the token gear and make it i110, so my gear level’s been improving nicely without much effort at all. and with only a 6 minute dps queue time for the ST raid as well — it’s very popular right now as a method of gearing up, so it pops fast.

  7. Dan says:

    Don’t worry about – the new jobs have to be levelled from 30 so they are going to old dungeons and trials. The Roulette will still be there. There’s been mention of being able to go in smaller groups too. A lot of people will be levelling alt classes too.

    And, the constant influx of new players have to do all of that work too

    So far the rule of thumb for FFXIV is that nothing is left behind.

  8. tithian says:

    If I had to guess, these will all get added to a roullette making them attractive to capped players through some sort of Tome rewards. Probably nothing to worry about, since so far no content has become irrelevant in the game due to the level scaling.

  9. To be honest, Square have been very good at keeping players doing “older”, or lower level content. This has been done by making the roulettes offer good amounts of rewards (like currency for end game gear).

    So I would expect them to implement a new roulette or modify the current ones to keep people doing the lower level content.

    As well as that, as people have mentioned, the new jobs start at level 30, so duties from level 30 and up will be used for leveling. As well as that, as 50 will no longer be the cap, level 50 dungeons and trials will probably also be good for level 50 – 53/54 as a guess.

  10. Hi Syncaine!

    I think you should be fine as you level up.

    For the most part, you need to complete the 2.55 storyline before even getting into Ishgard, so most new players who’ll buy into the game and people running roulettes for gear tokens will likely be running in similar circles, content wise.

    This is mostly due to Yoshi-P wanting people to complete the story and savor it before jumping into Heavensward.

    If you were on Gilgamesh, I’d totally help you out with getting through a lot of the content on the weekends.

    Let me know. I’m Victor Stillwater on Gilgamesh. :D

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