Bringing games to prison

Via Az, what PC game would you pick if you were in prison for 10 years with no internet, and what three games would you pick if you were locked up for life but had Internet to play games but no web?

For me this is simple.

Mount and Blade: Warband + all DLC/mods is such an easy choice for scenario one, I’m more concerned that I wouldn’t have enough time in that ten years to finish doing everything. Civ V was also in the running, but really it’s a landslide toward M&B.

Scenario two is also pretty easy IMO.

First choice is EVE. You know its going to last, it has infinite content, you realistically COULD play it 23/7, and being awesome/addicted to EVE would mean you are critically involved in so much of the very best stuff.

Game two would be LoL, mostly as a break from EVE, but also because you know its going to last, get updated, and is a gaming formula that is proven to hold up.

Third option was more difficult for me only because I would be perfectly fine with just EVE and LoL, but I think at this point I’d go with FFXIV simply because of the content depth and pace of updates. At least in prison with EVE and LoL, I wouldn’t burn through FFXIV all that quickly, and the more relaxed pace would be a good break from the other two.

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5 Responses to Bringing games to prison

  1. I was thinking Europa Universalis IV as the one game, as about 10 years in prison focused on it would be about enough for me to finally get a grip on it and feel comfortable playing it. Not sure I would even need the DLC.

  2. Oro says:

    For a hard core gamer who wouldn’t contemplate this setup if you are in solitary. 3 square meals. Mom not nagging you to get out of the basement. Just need to figure out what crime you have to commit to get that gig.

  3. tithian says:

    I really don’t think I could make an offline game last for 10 years. Ever since online gaming became a thing, I hardly play offline stuff anymore.

    For online, maybe something like Path of Exile. No need to pay for anything (we got no credit cards in prison), amazing build variety, monthly leagues, gets updated frequently. Out of the MMOs, I don’t think I could just stick with 1 game forever.

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