Darkest Dungeon mini-review

Darkest Dungeon is absolutely kicking my ass. Some times things turn ugly on the first run, before I even open the various buildings. Either I’m doing something (a lot of things) wrong, or the game is just brutal. Fun game though, and doesn’t feel like a ‘traditional’ rogue-like.

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8 Responses to Darkest Dungeon mini-review

  1. JHO says:

    Agree. Really enjoyable so far in the early stages. It has a superbly grimy, morose atmosphere. I really like the stress mechanic and have started over numerous times thinking I’m incompetent, but I’m pretty sure that’s the game design.

  2. cirdanx says:

    RNG can fuck you over hard, but it was meant to be this way and yes it is a great game, still a bit light on content though but thats early access ;)

  3. Jenks says:

    Really seems like the kind of game I want to play on my couch with a gamepad, I hope native gamepad support comes along at some point.

  4. Ellroy says:

    Speaking of Rogue-like games, I recently bought “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth” and like it a lot so far, although your chances of getting through to the end are quite RNG-dependant. I think it’s still part of the Steam summer sale…

  5. buboe says:

    Go with Just Brutal

  6. adammtlx says:

    Why can’t I get into RNG-centric roguelikes? I want to. I really do. I have like 20 of them in my Steam library, but I always end up getting bored with the whole “die restart die restart” loop. I’m not trying to criticize, just looking for why it seems like so many dedicated gamers (like myself) love them, but I don’t.

    I’ve had to start forcing myself to not buy them when they go on sale because I never play them for more than a couple hours before profound ambivalence and disinterest set in. What’s wrong with me?

    • SynCaine says:

      I’m not a huge fan of the genre, but the way I seem to be able to get into these games is to try and ignore or minimize the randomness, and focus on what I can control. I view the random stuff like a ‘hard mode’ or such.

  7. hospina says:

    That game is so so brutal. RNG can so decimate your party. It makes you think your so incompetent but its the brutality.

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