Who are these people spending money on Fallout Shelter?

Fallout Shelter is doing rather well. Actually, it’s doing amazingly well considering the game is fully, 100% playable for free, to the point that spending money on it is almost counter-productive. Not bad for a throw-in title to help everyone get in the mood for Fallout 4.

I’m still playing it, sitting around 110 people in my vault now, and still enjoy it. It takes FOREVER to load up initially once you have a large vault, but other than that it’s a nice-enough little title.

Speaking of mobile gaming, let’s give our finger a workout and try to find HS. Scrolling… scrolling… scrolling… #27, got it. Great job New Blizzard, nailed it!

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15 Responses to Who are these people spending money on Fallout Shelter?

  1. It isn’t me spending money. Fallout Shelter seems unhappy with my 16GB iPad 2 and just crashes when I try to do anything. I decided I had to play it after Tobold’s glowing review, but I have been thwarted on that front.

    • Sjonnar says:

      Sounds like standard Bethesda Bugs. It should be fixed soon.

    • SynCaine says:

      I thought the game was only available for more recent models? Or does the app store not sort like that and will allow you to grab apps that aren’t designed for a certain model?

      • Malthan says:

        The App Store doesn’t let you restrict specific models, just iOS version and device type. So if you release a game for iOS7 phone you can’t say “oh, but at least an iPhone 5” That’s why developers put supported devices in app descriptions, but people often ignore that and get angry.

        I spent 1€ on the game, as a way of supporting it, perhaps if it is successful they’ll add more content.

      • Yeah, the app store will only let you restrict on some very basic attributes, so I was able to download it, having the latest iOS 8 and all. However, in the print it says it requires an iPhone 5, iPad 3 or iPad Mini 2 or later, so there will be no fix for me.

    • OK says:

      Works flawlessly on my iPad Air.

  2. Sjonnar says:

    I’m actually looking forward to this; the first time i’ve ever given so much as a fart in the wind for a mobile game. Hopefully they’ll get the android port sorted soon so i can play it on my kindle.

    Bethesda is probably one of the better dev/pub teams out there now, but they really need to get their QA shit together before they can be considered a worthy successor to Old Blizzard.

  3. sleepysam says:

    It’s a good version of a tiny tower game, I’m playing, but I can see it trailing off for me in a few weeks.

    Maybe if they put a star wars skin on it, wait I already did that.

    Did not attempt installing on the ipad 2.

  4. CC says:

    What am I doing wrong? Been playing since it was released. i have only 15 people because 4 people died for no reason. its a struggle to maintain a balance so all stats stay green. my people hate me at 15% happiness and caps come in super slowly.

    how are you progressing so fast without spending money? am i missing something? All i see to do is click rooms, assigning people to the rooms they seem to fit best in and then clicking them when they level up? there seems to be nothing else to do

    • OK says:

      You are obviously missing something, it’s very easy to balance things. Just restart and make sure to put people proportionately to power/water/food, and once you have stable production, to other areas (radio, training, etc). Also all the time one or several in exploration.

    • SynCaine says:

      At 15 people you should be sending a few out into the wasteland, who will bring back random weapons and clothing. This will boost stats for future trips out, and also for those working the rooms. This brings in some caps as well.

      Make sure to try and do the little quests that reward boxes/caps as well.

    • Trego says:

      Are you rushing rooms you’re short in right after they’ve finished a production cycle?

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