ARK is free this weekend, come see why its awesome

As the title states, ARK is free to play this weekend via Steam. It’s a very fun game to play with a solid group, so if you have been on the fence, or are worried about buying an Early Access title, I highly, highly recommend giving it a shot while its free.

If there is enough interest here at the blog, maybe we can get a Tribe (guild/clan) going. Even with just 4-5 people playing somewhat actively the Tribe can achieve big things.

Please post in the comments here if you are up for a tribe, just so I can get an early indicator of interest.

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7 Responses to ARK is free this weekend, come see why its awesome

  1. Sightless says:

    I am interested. I haven’t purchased ARK yet but I am definitely interested and will be taking advantage of the free play weekend. ARK seems too much like haven and hearth for me not to try.

  2. pallyheals says:

    I’d be up for some clan activities! The game seems way more fun with friendlies!

  3. Kobea Thris says:

    I’ll be on some, since I guess that is better than a LP video. Is there a particular server?

  4. Ralex says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Am downloading it now. Would be interested in a tribe if it looks good.

    • Glik says:

      Just picked this up based on your reviews. Having fun solo, but I would be interested in trying it with a tribe.

  5. Silk says:

    I’m in, I’ve logged a lot of hours on this game and the server I was on is at 0 population now..

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