Fantasy Football – Need one more team!

Our Fantasy Football league (NFL, not the kickball and pretend your injured activity) needs one more team. Post a comment here with your email (email can be in your profile, not in the comment Guess WP changed that, leave email in comments or email me directly at the email found in the top right) and I’ll send you an invite. Our live draft is tomorrow at 1pm EST, so this will get rolling quickly.

One new player will make it a ten player league, but it can go to twelve if three people express interest.

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8 Responses to Fantasy Football – Need one more team!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m interested in the FF, how much to enter?

  2. Delpez says:

    So you’re talking about the sport where they dress up in tights, crash helmets, monster shoulder pads and take a five minute break after every play? And just when things get going they all leave the field and another team comes on? Nah – real men play rugby!

  3. james says: – if the spot is still open

  4. Silk says:

    I’m out this year guys! I’ll be gone from Mid Oct until early January with limited internet access, I’ll join again next year. Good luck.

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