Don’t be as dumb as the burning man in Clash Royale

I’m sure most (all?) of you have already figured this out, but just in case, don’t be this dumb in Clash Royale. The math is rather simple, but if you need it broken down here you go. The more (very obvious stuff) you know!

PS: We are at 48/50 spots in the clan, so join now or forever regret it.

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6 Responses to Don’t be as dumb as the burning man in Clash Royale

  1. Fucknuckle says:

    His math may be off, but it’s still a pay2win game, with little strategy ever involved. I’m surprised how hard it seems to be for people to make a decent digital version of card games.

    This thing is a huge step up from hearthstone, but it’s still Facebook game levels of shit.

    • While it’s definitely pay to win (or pay to advance faster, still winning in my book), I definitely disagree with the statement that there is little strategy ever involved. The more I play Clash Royale, the more I I see the holes in my own strategies.

      Simplest example: Starting a unit toward the back in order to delay its progression to save up more elixir for a better followup card.

      The more I play, the better I learn the tactics to win over those who may have better cards than me. In a game where there is no strategy, I’d almost be certainly doomed to lose if going against someone “better” than me.

  2. Cristi says:

    I’ll give Clash Royale a try since it seems to be getting so much attention. First sight it looks like the same mind-numbing combat from CoC, without the base building.

    I hope it’s not some other successful but not actually good Justin Bieber of a game like that other gimmick you love so much from the same company.

    I really want to play good mobile games that are engaging and put my mind to work! Take my 10-15$, and get done with it but give me a good solid game.

    • SynCaine says:

      My guess is you never made it past farming at TH3 to say CoC combat is mind-numbing? Because in wars at anything above mid-TH8, that’s kind of a pantshead statement.

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  4. Jason S says:

    Please let me.know if you have a spot open up in the clan… Just to the game and I’m enjoying it immensely! In game name is Blakcalk

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