Give LotRO a proper ending

LotRO and I have a long history. It was one of the first MMOs I played with my wife that she really got into, and for a time I enjoyed the game despite its many issues. Its one of the best examples of using a strong IP correctly without abusing it (at least when I played or at least closely followed the game), and early on it had a lot of solid content. Then it went F2P, Turbine as a whole changes almost completely, and today we are left wondering if the game has a future once the licensing deal comes to an end.

If there is one MMO that SHOULD have a proper ending, its LotRO. WoW’s ‘story’ (word used very loosely here) can go on forever because there basically is no story that makes a lick of sense anymore. EVE’s story is what the players do, and the big important players will continue doing what they are doing. LotRO is different though. We all know Mordor is ‘the end’, and players of the game should get closure. Plus it would be a fitting end to one of the genre’s most notable titles.

I also think it would be a very unique moment. There are videos of the final moments of Asheron’s Call, for example, but those video are just of players standing around the moment the server is shut down. LotRO could go out with a proper, official ending. The last piece of content could be some community-wide effort ala the AQ Gates in WoW, and the actual final moments of the game could be the payoff of that effort. Let the players ‘win’, see the results of that win (ending video), and then shut the servers down. That would be something special in the genre, and if there is one game that is perfect to do it in, its LotRO.

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