EVE: My first major “I was there” moment

Let the record show: I now have not one, but four titan kills on my record. Killboard green for life!

The story behind this brawl is a good one too. Ever since Lenny’s money has stopped blowing, the MBC has been declining in activity around Saranen, with different groups giving different reasons for leaving or being less active. In turn, Goons have been doing what Goons have always historically done; fighting back once the enemy has grown tired/bored. We own Sov again, we are taking down enemy citadels and towers, and more fights than before are going our way, sometimes heavily.

The one big tool our enemies still had over us was Supercapitals (because all of ours are trapped…), which meant that when a fight got big-enough, usually the big toys came out to clear the field. Over the last week or so, we have been forming 200+ man fleets of battleships, which became very enticing for said supers. As this was happening, I (and others) got the feeling that it was only a matter of time before the almost predictable response of dropping supers would be countered.

Last night they got countered, and hard. (The battle report is a bit off, as Snuffed should be on the left, and PL, MC, and PH should be on the right)

The setup was well done on our end. Asher took us out in a fleet of battleships to hit another tower, and then called in a few dreadnoughts to assist. We had the dreads sit in siege mode, which meant they couldn’t warp off if trouble came. And trouble did come, resulting in all of us but the dreads warping away. We did this because a second force had caught the other incoming enemy fleet at the Okagaiken gate, which is where the big brawl happened.

Our fleet, done with baiting out the enemy, quickly took a titan bridge over to Okagaiken and began hitting the enemy. We had our smaller ships killing enemy fighters (drones from capital ships) while our BS and dreads focused down the four titans and some fax machines.

Wilhelm from TAGN was also in the fleet, and we were chatting as this was all unfolding. As we were warping into the battle, still unsure what we were heading into, I remarked that this felt like something special, and man was it. The rush when that first titan went down was very similar to a guild-first raid boss kill, and then as more titans died the feeling only grew.

I think the best part was the final titan, as our dread fleet had already warped off and that titan was catching reps, to the point that it went from being in structure to being all the way back to 100% armor. However Asher made a great call and we bumped the titan away from his friends and out of rep range, allowing us to get him down.

As Wilhelm said in chat, you play EVE for months, putting in your time in less glamour activities, for moments like the above. Epic events that stick with you, and remind you that the peaks in a game like EVE are absolutely the best in gaming.

Here is Wilhelm’s post about the fight, with lots of pictures and some links to videos.

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