EVE: Living it up in Delve

Life for me in EVE continues on. Goons have now taken almost all of Delve, and KarmaFleet has made 7G-QIG our home. For the first time since joining goons I’m doing more KF-based stuff than alliance stuff, and it feels good.

My main focus right now is ratting, in part for the ISK, but also because hanging out in the standing fleet is a good way to get to know people and joke around. Leadership is very active in the standing fleet, and we have PvP, PvE, and Industry people all chatting about everything and nothing as we all grind away at our wallets.

I initially started ratting in a Myrmidon, but it was a bit brutal. It couldn’t handle the hardest sites, and drone agro was a constant issue. I have since switched over to a bling-ish fit Rattlesnake, which handles all sites like a boss. Ticks are coming in at around 15-20m for normal sites, although this should improve as I refine my methods. I also need to remember to deploy the mobile tractor unit to gather loot. I’ve been calling in newbees for salvaging, and don’t have plans right now of getting an alt out to run two accounts (though it’s very tempting, especially once I start running escalations and will need a scout).

In terms of combat ops, those have been going up both for Delve cleanup and also when an FC wants to go out and get some kills beyond Delve. I was recently on a very fun Astro fleet that took us through five or six wormholes before dropping in on an ongoing fight. Being back in WH space was a bit nostalgic.

Using the Goons hauling service, I’ve also started dipping my toes into shipping items from Jita to sell in our staging system. Nothing major (1b+) yet, but it’s something fun to do and also gives me a feel for what sells and how fast. If it goes well perhaps I’ll focus more on this, or maybe even get into production (one of my inactive accounts has the skills for this already trained).

Good times all around, and basically everyone in the game is expecting some interesting times come November and the release of the unlimited trial accounts.

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3 Responses to EVE: Living it up in Delve

  1. The Myrmidon ratting fit is nice and cheap, but it is very hands on. As I noted in one post, I had to go answer the front door at one point when things looked fine and came back to find myself in my capsule. I’m back to ratting now in my Ishtar, still fit for Guristas, but which seems to hearty enough and has earned its cost many times over already.

    • Telke says:

      Just as a sidenote from my ratting in delve, the ishtar probably can’t do Gas Havens, but it can do Rock Havens if you’re careful about the second-to-last wave – there’s 2-4 neuting cruisers what begin neuting at ~40 km, so you have to kill those first. Everything else I recall the ishtar handling okay.

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