EVE: I don’t think he is the only one

From a comment at Polygon about EVE have an unlimited trial (or if you are bad/lazy, going F2P):

I’ll probably give this another shot once the f2p launches. I have tried in the past but was overwhelmed by the multihours long tutorial and vast multitude of options. And the interface was too daunting. Then my month ran out and I didn’t want to have to start forking out money to be confused for another month. But if it’s free! Then I can continue to be bewildered. – Tyreal

I think a lot of people are underestimating how big the crowd is of people like Tyreal above. It’s mostly a mental thing too; just having that timer ticking in your head that if you aren’t playing ‘enough’, you are ‘wasting’ $15 a month. Remove that mental timer, and some people are now far more likely to keep poking at a game, and every time they do that’s a chance for the game to hook them.

I also think this will have more of an impact because EVE, more than most games, is one where coming back to give it another shot is actually successful. This happens both with new players who finally crack that barrier of entry, and to former vets who come back and have the spark reignited. The saying that no one truly quits EVE is true for a reason.

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