Tyranny -Finding the fun in being bad

Tyranny, the next RPG from Obsidian (makers of Pillars of Eternity) is coming out Nov 11th and I’m cautiously optimistic about it. On the one hand, I trust Obsidian to make a quality RPG, and PoE was amazing. On the other hand, Tyranny goes down a more unique path of placing you on the ‘bad guys’ side, and that could either be very entertaining or a disaster.

It could be entertaining because it’s something different, and done well it could create a lot of interesting scenarios and twists. Or it could be overly dark and generally unfun to be the bad guy over and over, with each decision having a ‘bad’ ending, just in different shades of blackish gray. I’m not sure if that’s something I want to watch unfold for dozens of hours. I’m also worried that at a certain point, the focus could swift, and the stories goes from being evil to fighting back against that same evil, which would be somewhat predictable and generic.

I have the game pre-ordered, mostly because Obsidian did me right with the PoE kickstarter, so either way I’m going to find out how good of a fit it is come Nov 11th.

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  1. Helena Khan says:

    I used to play through KOTOR heavily. Well before online games anyways, and often would run a particular class through light side and then dark. Admittedly light does work for me better on a personal level, but I did enjoy going all righteous on someones ass when I felt they deserved it while playing dark side. The power to make almost any decision and execute it (literally) almost instantly was very appealing indeed :)

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