Strangers and a mass grave

Two fun items from Rimworld that just happened.

Near my starting position there was a large sealed off chamber. When I dug one square away from the inner wall, a warning came up about an ancient evil possibly residing inside. As this was early, I didn’t dare break the inner wall just yet. Time passed, I gained more colonists, they gained better combat skills and gear, and eventually I felt it was time to see what the chamber contained.

I gathered everyone together, set them to combat, and had one person dig their way through the wall. As soon as that section of the wall was down, the chamber was revealed to contain multiple cryosleep caskets. It was a bit spooky, with the chamber made from all dark slate, and containing nothing but those caskets.

Re-positioning everyone for combat inside the chamber, I again had one colonist open the first casket. Soon as that happened, all of the caskets flew open. Each contained a human, along with multiple engineered beetles. The humans were in various states. Some were too injured to move, one was walking about aimlessly, and two were instantly aggressive. The aggressive ones were put down fairly quickly by my team, as we were all armed and healthy, while the enemies were recovering from cryosleep and unarmed. Still, they were well trained, and got in some hard punches before going down.

I took the remaining humans as prisoners, with the hope of convincing them to join my colony in time. This also meant tending to their various wounds, along with feeding them. I sealed off the chamber in fear of the beetles becoming aggressive or causing trouble. As time went on, the prisoners all recovered and joined the colony, while the beetles starved and died. Salvaging the caskets provided some nice materials, and the room itself made for a nice addition to the base.

While all of that was happening, a general problem of what to do with corpses came up. Initially I was digging graves for everyone, including enemies such as raider, because when colonists walk by a dead body out in the open, they don’t like it and get all sad and mopey. This was becoming unmanageable however, since graves don’t decay and the initial burial site was prime real-estate for expansion.

I dug up the graves that were in the way, but this resulted in the skeletons of the dead laying about, which again my colonists did not particularly like. As a solution, I created a special ‘stockpile’ area, inside an old ruin, that was to only be used for decaying corpses. I then blocked decaying corpses from all other stockpiles, dug up all the graves, and watches as my colonists, much to their initial horror, moved every last corpse into the new stockpile. I happily named the stockpile “Mass Grave”, and I now have a ruin full of bodies and skeletons in various states of decay. Sealing off all but one entrance ensured my colonists didn’t see the site as they walked by. Problem solved.

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