Trashfire, elves, builders, and blindness

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The cover of PCGamer has a line about Destiny 2 coming to the PC, and how it will be the savior of the MMO genre. What’s sadder: that Destiny 2, a game that isn’t really an MMO, is being called a savior for the genre, or that it’s kinda hard to argue against that point because the MMO genre (non-EVE) has been a dumpster fire for years?

They also have a preview of the next Total War:Warhammer game. Initially when TW:W was announced, it was announced as game one out of three, and my initial reaction was that they are just splitting one game into three, rather than making three actually different games. Well the good news/bad news is I was mostly right in feeling that way. TW:W2 is going to have only four races, a new campaign map, and some tweaks to features. It’s basically an expansion without being called that so it can be sold at full price. That’s the bad, but not surprising, news.

The good news, because it is basically an overpriced expansion, is that it will allow you to play one massive campaign across both the original games map and the new map, using all available races. Assuming that mode isn’t a disaster for whatever reason, it’s an even safer bet to assuming TW:W3 will be another full-priced ‘expansion. Pretty sure I’ll be pre-ordering all of them…

The new Builder Base mode in CoC is still a lot of fun, though right now its far less content than the core game. I basically play it once per day, get my three wins for the loot, set an upgrade, and that’s it. If it was a stand-alone game, it would suck. As a second option for CoC though, it’s not bad. The combat especially is a good twist on CoC, and the base-building feels fresh. All of that said, SuperCell better have additional content coming ‘soon’ to that mode, because pretty shortly most people are going to be sitting at or near the completion line for everything.

I’m still loving Rimworld. I just recently had an event that drove every rat on the map insane and had them attack my settlement. Luckily a trade caravan was around, so they took the brunt of the rats, which was pretty amusing to watch. I’ve also got a minor issue in that my top sharpshooter is missing one eye and has the other scratched, meaning she is 25% away from being completely blind. That’s bad for a sniper, so I’m really hoping a merchant rolls around with a cybernetic eye I can install in her. Bonus points with that is the fact that the cyber eye is actually better than a normal human eye, so it should counter-act the fact that her other eye will still be scratched. That of course assumes she survives the surgery. Wacky fun game that Rimworld.

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5 Responses to Trashfire, elves, builders, and blindness

  1. Beleg / Paxx says:

    Any interested in playing the new Darkfall iterations? I saw Pell Helix in game and thought of you & INQ. Let me know if you need some help getting started

    • SynCaine says:

      Not really, but how is it?

      • Beleg / Paxx says:

        With regards to ROA, they made a lot of quality-of-life improvements (1-key sword and board, multiple spells bound on one slot, etc.) as well as reduced the grind significantly. Housing was removed as RNG and replaced as a crafted item. Reworked all the mob drops. Removed free fast travel between clan holdings. Added “capital recall” to use every 4 hours, if you are blue. Dungeon daily quests that reward meditation points. etc. etc. A lot of change, but its still fundamentally Darkfall. A long way to go to get to a real sandbox.

        DND is more ambitious, but not very far along. I have not played over there at all.

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