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Another day, another example of Gevlon getting murdered on the internet, this time on the PUBG Reddit. You truly have to be goblin-dumb to accuse not just a pro player, but one that streams, of cheating without don’t a second of research (and we all know Gevlon has plenty of time for that). I’m actually shocked Gevlon didn’t also accuse him of stat boosting using the well-known tactic of streamers killing their own bots (or as non-goblins know them: stream snipers, who aren’t bots or even associated with streamers, but shhh facts).

I can see why Gevlon is frustrated and lashing out though. Remember when he got his first ever win in PUBG, and of course posted a screen shot of it, including the fact that the last (and only) person he killed was an average ranked player who also had never won a game? Well captain passive-aggressive won another game (huge congrats goblin!), and wouldn’t you know it, this time his screen shot doesn’t include who he killed in the end . I wonder why…

Unfortunately for Gevlon, exists now, and lets you see not only every game someone has played, but also who they played against. :Spoiler: Gevlon mostly plays against average ranked players, because, yet again, the ranking system in PUBG doesn’t actually do much of anything. Further proof? Quickly look at who actually wins those super elite .05% games. It usually isn’t anyone with a high rank either.

Or you can skip all that and just do a simple thought experiment: What would be the easier game to win, one containing 99 Gevlons, or 99 Shrouds? Because according to the rankings, the game full of Gevlons would be significantly harder, and I think even a goblin would know that simply isn’t true.

PS: The one major downside to seeing Gevlon embarrass himself on Reddit is seeing he is also a very frequent poster of hate on alt-right Reddit sites. Mocking Gevlon the gaming failure is fun, but linking to a downright ignorant and hateful person, even if its not directly linking to his hate, is not something I’m entirely comfortable with going forward, and so ends my time with him. I’ll miss the comedy, but laughs aren’t worth giving the evil person behind the content any further attention.

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  1. Gevlon says:

    Hello Clinton fan (is that you on the picture:

    Funny how in that thread where I’m “murdered”, I have the most upvotes and those who defend the streamer are in the negative. Probably everyone knows that top streamers are cheating and PUBG looks the other way because they bring popularity.

    You realize that average ranked players are top 10% (including the guy from the first win), because the distribution isn’t normal, the average is way higher than the median right?

    Finally, you are still asking the wrong question: it’s irrelevant which game would be easier to WIN. The real question is (the one asked in tournaments): “out of 10 games where would you have higher average position, against 99 Shrouds or against 99 Gevlons?” And the answer is: against Shrouds, a top 1% player could reach #15-#20 average. Against Gevlons, he’d be #80-#90.

    • SynCaine says:

      I’m sure you believe streamers cheat live in the same way you suggested the championship games in LoL are decided by Riot making one side lag? Everyone is watching and doesn’t see cheating, but you just have to be special goblin-smart to see it right?

      I’d bring up that a rank 1300 player won one of your ‘elite .05%’ games recently, but that will go right over your head like this post did. But the fact that you actually think a pro player would find you to be anything more than a speed bump is pretty rich.

      Now don’t you have a rally to attend to with your fellow angry basement dwellers that failed to grow up?

      • Gevlon says:

        No, they don’t cheat in championships. Nor they play anything like on streams. In championships they play like me.

        A rank 1300 player is still top 25%, that was probably one of my non peak-time games when the matchmaker couldn’t find better.

        You mean a rally with the leader of the free world?

        • SynCaine says:

          So a matchmaking that puts an ‘elite’ .05% player in a game with a 1300 player, who beats you and wins, is a working ranking system in your mind huh? One that’s worth spending 8+ hours a day 7 days a week sitting in literally a virtual toilet, only to have that ‘progress’ reset every month or so, while the vast majority of the community also player that game mock anyone who brings up stats/ranking?

        • Gevlon says:

          Of course you don’t understand what’s great in sitting in a virtual toilet.
          Competitive gaming isn’t for everyone.
          It’s absolutely OK that you just use PUBG to have some fun after a productive day as an undocumented farm worker.

        • SynCaine says:

          Your 1000 games in Silver in a game with a working ranking system certainly show that competitive gaming is not for everyone, indeed. Hell, even a more casual game like PUBG where pros mess around most games is proving very difficult for you to even get a couple wins per 500.

          That’s a cute attempt about work, but unlike what you admitted on your blog, my actual income is just a wee bit higher than what you were capable of making in EVE. But hey, I’m sure telling your boss you won’t be working extra is going to pay off and you’ll be able to afford a non-potato computer real soon.

        • Gevlon says:

          Yes, let’s change the subject to another game!

        • SynCaine says:

          You brought up the competitive gaming subject, I just supplied a data point of how well you do in such games. But if you want to stick just to an EA game without an in-game competitive scene, lets talk about your 600+ games and 2 wins? Or how you can’t beat a 1300 rank player?

        • Gevlon says:

          I’ve beaten him. I have (had in that season) 800 more rating than him.
          If you haven’t noticed, any particular game’s outcome is mostly luck (circle placement). Skill shines in the form of getting out the best from the lemons RNG dealt you over a longer time. Even totally AFK can “win” a game. But only the best of the best can CONSISTENTLY have low finish ranks, therefore climbing the rating.

        • SynCaine says:

          You stating that winning a game in PUBG is mostly luck, when you have 2 wins in 600+ games, and this post starts with someone winning 19/20, is working out very well for you. Keep going.

  2. Hatch says:

    Reading the diatribe in his profile (how can you draw the conclusion that a mexican visit means the russian probe is bullshit – despite all the evidence..)
    Enough said & enough air wasted
    don’t do it anymore

    • Gevlon says:

      You mean “despite zero evidence” mr-I-am-offended?

      But you know what’s really scary for your dumb movement? That Trump the man is irrelevant. If he does get impeached for some dumb shit, (he won’t), someone (Paul? Sessions? Conway? Kobach?) with the same policies gets elected in 2020 (and Pence will be acting pres in the meantime). You have zero political message, zero political movement (we hate drumpffff is not politics), zero hope. Your nonsense is done, with or without Trump-the-man.

  3. I am surprised by the realization of his posting preferences, but not by much. :/

  4. everlastingphelps says:

    What would be the easier game to win, one containing 99 Gevlons, or 99 Shrouds?

    99 Shrouds. 99 Gevlons would all turtle up and ignore the blue. A good player might survive 2 or 3 ambushes, a great player can plow through 7 or 8. No one is ever going to plow through 30+.

    • SynCaine says:

      Survive ambushes? Why would a good play go into a bathroom after free-looting school or military? Then it would just be getting into circle uncontested, picking off any dumb goblins that move into it, and collecting a free win since they can’t actually shoot and hit anything beyond 10m. Verse Shroud 99.9% of players would die every time they came across him, with basically zero chance of survive a single encounter, let alone having a prayer of coming into the top 20.

      • Gevlon says:

        Well, then it would be easy for you to climb higher than me. Please show us your pro stats!

        • SynCaine says:

          Is your goblin brain really this slow that you still haven’t figured it out? It’s not exactly difficult…

          And why would I, like most PUBG, waste my time worrying exclusively about a ranking number that, as you have proven, does literally nothing?

        • Gevlon says:

          “why would I – like most WoW – care about mythic raids or arenas when I can have fun dancing naked on the mailbox and pwn n00000bz on Arathi bridge”

          You suck in this game and now make up the excuse that the game itself is not functioning.

        • Trego says:

          “You suck in this game and now make up the excuse that the game itself is not functioning.”

          1. Sometimes games are indeed not functioning in some aspects, especially when they are still in EA. Syncaine’s claim that the rankings in PUBG are not functioning properly is backed with evidence, reasonable, and not a claim he makes about every game he plays, in contrast to:
          2. Sucking at a game and then making up the excuse that the game is not functioning (because of corrupt devs) is literally what you are known for , Gevlon, except with you it’s actually an excuse, and you accuse games of this which are #1 in their category in profitability and not in early access.
          3. Thank you for indicting your entire blog and gaming history, no criticism of your pathetic string of failures concluding with the excuse that the game itself was not functioning will be able to match your own words in exposing your self-delusion. However, we must credit SyCaine with carefully steering you to this blistering self-indictment.

        • Trego says:

          4. When the rankings are fixed to be meaningful, Syn will show you his ‘pro stats’ ,which are guaranteed to be better than yours post-fix because as soon as the rankings are corrected to reflect skill and performance properly, you will quit blaming corrupt devs.

        • SynCaine says:

          Give a man enough rope right?

          What’s funny too, is I’m not convinced goblin here even noticed that on rain/fog maps, there are sometimes only 60 active players on a plane, yet here he is trying to defend his sitting in a toilet as some grand accomplishment, but we shouldn’t mention 2/600+.

        • Gevlon says:

          Oh, you can mention it. Win count just isn’t more relevant than pet count. If you believe that ranking doesn’t work yet, the only rational act is not playing until they fix it. Currently, this IS the game. If you play and suck, you suck. I left the games I consider rigged or not functioning instead of staying and sucking like you.

        • PB says:

          I find it funny when one of the worst PUBG players I’ve ever seen – goblin with 2 wins – is accusing others of no skill. He’s the classic case of an angry basement dweller.

        • Trego says:

          “If you believe that ranking doesn’t work yet, the only rational act is not playing until they fix it.”

          Let me get this straight. If a feature isn’t finished, then we should boycott the game until it’s finished. But, if the entire gaming industry is corrupt, then we should pick a game and rageplay it for 60 hours a week, before inevitably quitting the game either sooner, if the ranking system is robust and reflects skill, or later, if the ranking system is either exploitable or just reflects time spent, blaming corrupt devs. You’ve already explained that the entire industry is corrupt, though, so why continue giving individual games a chance? What happened to “the only rational act is not playing until they fix it?”

  5. Esteban says:

    Leaving aside the PUBG thing (mostly because I find myself unable to be arsed enough to click through everyone’s ratings in Gevlon’s games) I am pleasantly surprised that you’re not an enthusiastic member of the American right. Since that whole business with Mittens and The Wis, I figured you for exactly the kind of social Darwinist and counterfactual swagger artist who’d feel at home in their tent, but I suppose it’s time for a meal of crow.

  6. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Glad to hear you are stopping your obsession with gevlon. I have not followed much of his politics, but yeah, but what I have seen in the past, has been “out there”.

    So I do hope that this is your last post about this guy.

  7. Caldazar says:

    I am really happy you are stopping the Gevlon posts. These posts were pretty much the worst part of your blog in my opinion. I stopped reading Gevlon long ago, and quite happy to see him gone from here too.

    PS: It is a shame to bump your rather nice and interesting 30th november post from the front page after 1 day in favor of a Gevlon post,.

    • SynCaine says:

      What do you mean front page? On my browser and both mobile devices, the post is still on the first page, along with 3-4 other posts. Or did you mean as the top post?

  8. Gevlon says:

    Hey Syncaine! I’ve heard you are fan of “Chicken Dinners”. Maybe you should check if you want to see one recent.

    Since you never linked your stats, we can’t know if you have a single one.

    • SynCaine says:

      A 3rd of your games played, you no-lifer, and the same number of wins. You’re still about three years behind lifetime, but very slow progress is what a goblin is all about. You also faced some real top-end competition in that game too huh? Or wait, does ranking not matter now for that? I can’t keep your bs straight.

  9. bhagpuss says:

    “why would I – like most WoW – care about mythic raids or arenas when I can have fun dancing naked on the mailbox ”

    Having fun IS winning in a video game. What do you think video games are? The whole, entire and only point of any videos game is to entertain the player. That is the be-all and end-all. The only way to “lose” at video games is to go on playing one when you’re no longer having fun doing so.

  10. This isn’t going to going to like that time when he said he was never going to write about EVE Online again then just couldn’t stop is it?

    Also, the time gap between hearing that you had PUBG stats to look at and finding your stats: ~30 seconds. So anybody calling you out on not providing stats isn’t thinking things through very well.

    • SynCaine says:

      How did it take you 30 seconds? Was 28 of it typing in the site?

      And nope, this is the final Gevlon post here, even should he finally admit he was dead wrong about LoL ‘rigging’ and it was just him sucking for 1000+ games all along with a ‘winning’ strategy.

      • I wasted nearly 20 seconds trying to modify the URL to hit your stats directly. That didn’t work, so I just clicked on Gevlon’s URL and then searched on “SynCaine” and bang, there it was.

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