Elder Scrolls Legends latest expansion makes a great game that much better

I’m back on a bit of a kick with Elder Scrolls Legends, as the latest expansion has really changed things up. The biggest change is the ability to build 3-color decks now, up from the previous cap of 2. A 3-color deck also requires 75 cards minimum (up from 50 for 2 color). These two changes alone shift the meta, and that’s before you include all of the new cards and their new keywords.

It’s also a brilliant expansion from a marketing perspective, because not only do those 75 card decks push you to get/buy more cards, but the introduction of a third color to a deck means even those who have a few decks they like might look into expanding them for greater power or variety. I can already think of multiple decks I would like to try, once I have the cards to make them work (I spent $10 on the starter pack, but likely won’t be spending more for now).

ESL has far outlasted Hearthstone in keeping my interest, and this expansion shows why. Instead of a reset, ESL got bigger. Instead of swapping out one ‘theme’ for the next, ESL includes another without completely wiping out the old. That sounds basic, but its a difficult thing to actually pull off, and going the way of a reset is much, much easier. Just tuck your old balance problems under the rug, and you don’t have to actually fix them. ESL doesn’t do that, which I greatly appreciate.

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