LiF: Guild report April 5th 2018

Progress continues in LiF:MMO, though slowed since many of us are approaching a ‘finished’ state. On one hand, that’s bad because making progress is fun. It can be good for those who want to focus on the ‘after progress’ stuff, like PvP or exploring/expanding.

We are at war with gondor again to have some local PvP. So far this has been fun, though mostly limited to Judgement Hour fighting. As many of us haven’t done much or any PvP, we are learning quickly and getting better, but still not good enough to really win fights. I’m confident we will get there though, and learning is fun itself. It also helps that, since we are so established now, replacing lost gear isn’t a huge issue, and we can afford to bring out tier 2 gear when we fight.

On the base development side, the only buildings we have left to complete are a large stable and siege workshop. The large stable is awaiting resources from our base in server 11, along with one of my characters to finally get to 90 building maintenance skill. I’ll also need another character to hit 90 animal lore to actually use the building, but that will happen in the next few days.

The developers have hinted at a large update to the game coming, which I hope delivers as we have gone through a bit of a content drought of late. MMOs are very much a game of momentum, and as people play fewer hours, it makes it easier to stop playing all together. Luckily our activity has been fairly steady, especially as some new members have joined up and are getting ramped up.

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  1. Catalina de Erauso says:

    You went, you played, you won… now, tell us again what this all was about? Like why would anyone grind up again all the levels from scratch, let alone buy the game when it’s released to keep doing the very same thing over and over again?

    Progression MMOS are three monthers, IMHO. And a early access three monther is kinda sily.

    • SynCaine says:

      We had and continue to have a lot of fun as a group playing the game. I play games for fun, so LiF accomplished that, along with being interesting-enough for plenty of blog content as well.

    • Jonneh says:

      Think this is a journey vs destination thing. A few of us have gone and started another base on a remote part of the land where it is difficult to get things running just because it is fun to plan and build. A bit like breaking all your lego up and rebuilding it. When establishing somewhere new you still have to go through the motions of finding a food source, locating and harvesting resources and adapting the environment to your needs.

      Personal character progression in this game isn’t difficult it is just a bit time consuming and imo isn’t a strong motivating factor that keeps you going (skill increases are not permanent, I have de-levelled skills multiple times for something else and you also lose skill point on death). Group progression is way more important so I am happy to stand for 30 minutes holding up a shield while someone smashes it (and I know that guy will happily return the favour) because our success is dependant upon that cooperation.

      Camaraderie is sorely lacking in most games, this one encourages it.

  2. brannagar says:

    Hey, Syncaine, you have me really intrigued with this game. I had never even heard of it before I read about it here. I have credit card in hand but I know nothing about it. Can you answer a couple questions?

    1. Am I starting this game too late to be effective? Will I have trouble because other players own all the land or something?

    2. What is the best way to get started and find a guild? I notice that there are multiple servers that you can play on and not all are run by the company and are private servers? How does this work? I love PvP and that is my main concern.

    3. Sub based game, correct? No pay2win cash shop?

    4. You guys recruiting? :)

    Thanks for any help you can provide, sir! You should get a commission from the company!

    • SynCaine says:

      If you join a guild, like ours (we are recruiting), we can get you up to speed for PvP in a few days. Having access to high quality food and a base really speeds this up compared to starting completely on your own. Other bonus to our current situation is our local enemies are active and give us content, without bringing a horde we can’t get a good fight out of due to numbers. Solo PvP without a guild to help with gear/training would be really rough in LiF.

      On the crafting/gathering side, the speed depends on what you pick. We have all things covered, but having others help out is very useful. For example right now I’m the only one targeting getting animal lore to 90, so a second person with that would be really good. Same for most other skills; better to have multiple people who can fill a request vs relying on just one. Starting out you can mess around with different areas to see what you find fun. Can always lower skills to free them up for your final build, so you can’t ‘mess up’ a character, that’s not an issue.

      Game is not P2W, shop is mostly skins. The only ‘power’ item is skill loss insurance, which reduces the penalty for dying, but a high alignment does the same thing, and unless you go very low alignment, the death penalty really isn’t a big deal at all (for skill loss, losing your gear does sting).

      Game does have a sub, but its optional. It’s $20 a month, and gives you a daily power hour for both crafting and combat skills (you turn one of them on, get 2x skill gain for that hour. Helpful for at least a month, debatable in usefulness after that). Sub also gives you a monthly set of random skins (pretty useless IMO), and a smaller skill-loss insurance (decent early on when you have lower alignment, not that good once your alignment is 50+ I believe). I was subbed for 3-4 months, currently going to let my sub laps as I don’t have a use for it. If you get the game off Steam, you get a month of sub included, along with enough cash shop currency to get a second character (each alt costs $10 to get off newbie island, having alts we have found is very helpful due to the skill cap).

      Easiest way to join us is to get into our discord ( We are on Telmun server (pick once you leave newbie island).

      • brannagar says:

        Thanks for the reply, Syncaine!

        Just picked up the game and looking at character creation and it is pretty confusing with no tooltips. What would you suggest I go with for race, attribute points and skills? I plan on going maybe archer eventually and I have no problem going animal lore to assist. Not sure that this is the kind of game where you can mess up your character by misspending initial skill and attribute points or by picking the wrong race.

        I will get into the Discord tonight. I worked over night and am about to leave for a funeral so I will be on after some sleep.

        Thanks again for the help!

        • SynCaine says:

          If you are going archer and want the fastest path to that, pick the race that lets you start with 55 slinger (the asian one I think it is). It helps, but isn’t a huge huge deal, so if you hate the look of that character, go with something you like more, put as many points into slinger as you can, and don’t worry. Nothing but the look of the character can’t be ‘fixed’ in-game.

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