EVE: Ghosts from the past, from another world

Finally back from vacation, and while I was away I received (as TAGN did) an email from Rooks and Kings member LM about a new video he (they?) produced, focusing on the Chinese EVE server Serenity, and how the actions on that server caused a migration of Chinese players over to Tranquility, the main, or ‘not China’ EVE server.

The video is almost 40 minutes long, and some of it is very EVE-specific, but much can be understood even without playing EVE. As is usually the case, stories from EVE are above and beyond anything in gaming, MMO or otherwise, and this is no exception. The video is also masterfully edited and a joy to watch.

And yes… watching this video, along with reading about the current war in EVE, is scratching the itch a bit…

About SynCaine

Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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