Pre-vacation update

No, I have not given up on the blog just yet. I actually have half a dozen posts in draft form, but none of them got finished. Ah well. Updates time.

I got a new keyboard during Amazon Prime days, a Corsair K65. I wanted a smaller keyboard because I use the pull out tray on my desk, and as that limits space a bit, they extra room the smaller keyboard provides helps increase mouse pad space. I’ve got a solid foot or so of space now for the mouse, and that finally feels like ‘enough’ when playing PUBG with lower sensitivity.

The keyboard itself I’m still getting use to. It feels like the spacing of the keys is a little different, as typing feels a bit off. I misclick ‘S’ all the time when trying to hit ‘A’. I’m sure I’ll adjust. The rest is all good. The keys feel nice and responsive, and the back-lighting can be adjusted to be very bright or a bit more subtle. So far I don’t miss the extra keys, including the macro keys (my mouse has plenty of those if needed).

On the gaming front I recently played a bunch of “Slay the Spire”. As mentioned, one of the draft posts was about that, but honestly everything Zubon has written about the game basically echos my thoughts. It’s a great game, and one of those “good games that’s aided by being different” rather than being reliant on simply being different. I can easily see it being a game I fire up for a run or two whenever its updated.

I tried getting into Conan Exiles, but just couldn’t. Mostly it was the fact that it felt very pointless, like playing an MMO solo would. Additionally while the combat was ok, everything felt very floaty, and while it’s not a bad looking game, it doesn’t look nearly good enough to run as poorly as it does. I also think I’m still mostly burned out on that genre from all my time with ARK. Seems that for me, unlike other genres, I’m just not that into other flavors of this type of game. Once you have bashed one tree and rock, maybe you’ve bashed them all…

Finally I just picked up Battletech, which I’m very much enjoying. I’ve already lost one campaign, but the second run is going much better. I fired it up pretty much blind, and the learning curve early is rough, as I think the game partly assumes you are familiar with the Battletech setting/rules. More on that game at a later date.

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4 Responses to Pre-vacation update

  1. Marathal says:

    Oh wow. Battletech. I remember playing that years and years ago with the lead miniatures. I think there were 55 mechs at the time? Man my painting skills were bad back then. I recall sneaking into work one morning to run off 10 sets of sheets on the copier. That was a lot of paper.

    • SynCaine says:

      I painted Warhammer miniatures back in the day, actually got decent at it towards the end. Amazingly expensive hobby though.

  2. Esteban says:

    Have you had a look at Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare? Russian studio and very EA, but fairly frequently updated and conceptually a modern-warfare Mount and Blade clone.

    • SynCaine says:

      I have not. I’m trying to wait out very early EA games now. Even if they are fun in the current state, I find playing them early kinda ruins the overall fun later on.

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