Patriots win the Super Bowl, again

Another Super Bowl, another Patriots win. Still can’t get one where they are up a comfortable amount towards the end so it can be fully enjoyed in the moment, but first world winner problems there. It’s just cool to be a fan of the team as it obliterates the record books. Never going to see another team like this in the NFL unless they massively overhaul the rules.

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4 Responses to Patriots win the Super Bowl, again

  1. Polynices says:

    Amusing that it was their largest Super Bowl margin of victory despite being such a low scoring game.

    You saw that it was foreordained in the Bible, I assume:

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    I was hoping that when Belichick in the post-game interview and deflecting all the praise towards the players, he had stopped, and said “Look, the reason we won is because I am a football genius.”

    • SynCaine says:

      He knows that people who understand football already know that. This might have been his most impressive year, which is saying something considering his resume.

    • Kobeathris says:

      It gets overblown at times though. Like on Goff’s interception, the announcers were going on about the amazing defense, but when you watch him not plant his feet and throw like he is falling down when the pressure wasn’t there yet, it’s pretty obvious why that ended up as an int. Belichick is definitely a good coach, but living in everyone’s head helps too.

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