WoW Classic: L2Rouge nub!

The level 10 rogue quest asks you to get a document off a certain NPC. Being dumb, I just assumed this meant killing the mob, as you do in most quests. As I was doing this solo and at level 10, when I attacked said mob, his 3 additional helpers that spawn killed me. Fine, whatever. Run back, use all buffs and potions, manage to kill the special NPC, run away from his 3 spawns. Return to loot the corpse… no quest drop. WTF?

Ask in area chat for some help, immediately get another rogue that comes over to help me out. Fight the NPC again, kill him, kill the spawns. No quest drop. WTF. Other rogue asks if I used pick pocket, a rogue-only skill.


Read the quest text again. While it doesn’t hold your hand and explicitly state “Use pick pocket you idiot gamer!”, it strongly hints that you should, you know, be a rogue and steal the item out of his pocket.

Feeling VERY dumb, I go back in, stealthed, and pickpocket the npc, getting the quest item. If you do it right, you also don’t agro him, so no helper spawns that kill you.

It’s a perfectly designed quest really. It makes you play a rogue in that classical ‘sneaky stealthy stealer’ archetype, it punishes you if you don’t, and it DOESN’T reward you for using brute force. Simple, but brilliant.

Classic is fun.

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  1. Classic WoW Classic. I had pretty much forgotten about class quests in WoW, except for the hunter ones. But the hunter tends to be such an odd class that you could have easily convinced me it was an outlier on that as well.

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