WoW Classic and TFT, by the numbers

Lets talk numbers on a late Friday afternoon!

First up is info from Riot on the success of Team Fight Tactics, the non-WoW game that I’m still playing heavily. The big number is that 33 million accounts play TFT a month. That’s silly big, and then you realize that TFT isn’t the most popular game mode in LoL (Summoners Rift ranked is), and yea, LoL still has more than 100 million active accounts. Remember when we thought WoW having 12 million accounts was massive? How cute was that? Anyway I’m very excited for the future of TFT, because my god is it a ton of fun.

Speaking of WoW, over at TAGN Wilhelm has his monthly SuperData post up, and while I consider their ranking lists junk (the list is only who gives them numbers, but is presented as a view of the whole gaming space), there was a note that clearly came directly from Blizzard that WoW revenue is up 223% (how oddly specific eh?) in August compare to July. As I stated over at his site, here is why that number is crazy; current Retail players that play/played Classic aren’t factored into the revenue increase (already had subs), but do count towards the number of people playing Classic. So on top of all those who switched or double-dip, you have 223% MORE people also jumping into Classic. It’s no longer a conversation of whether Classic is bigger than Retail, its now a conversation about how much bigger. My guess is its about 70/30 right now Classic/Retail, although that 25 minutes of new content the last Retail patch added might swing things back in Retails favor…

If you’re Blizzard, and more specifically, if you’re a shareholder of BlizzActivision, aren’t you not-so-gently nudging Blizzard execs right now to focus on the real breadwinner in the WoW family? Some people in Blizzard might have thought we don’t want that, but now that our wallets have slapped them in the face about 223 times, I’m guessing they are singing a different tune.

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  1. Polynices says:

    …and if the execs tell them to do something with Classic, I pretty much assume they’ll crap all over it the way have on retail over the years. I have zero trust that anyone at Blizzard now has the faintest idea why Classic was great.

    I so hope I am wrong.

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