I’m going to be a very happy, very busy gamers shortly

So much happy gaming goodness coming my way shortly.

First up Battle Brothers is getting another expansion soon, and that will mean diving back into that game for at least a few playthroughs. Not all of the details have been released, but what the dev blogs have talked about so far all sounds excellent. Easy day 1 purchases that will immediately get heavy playtime.

Next up Rimworld is getting its first big update, patch 1.1. This will likely inspire another go at that game, but I’ll have to see if this results in a full-blown playthrough or playing ‘enough’ to stabilize and stop prior to finishing the game. Rimworld is one of those games I like the idea of a lot more than the game itself, as is evident by my playtime with it compared to other games. How much time you have played a game, especially one with intended high replayability, is a hard metric to argue against. There is a reason some games have 200+ hrs player on Steam for me, while others never get above 50.

Speaking of games I have a silly amount of hours played, Mount and Blade Bannerlord is coming to Steam Early Access in March. If that version has the single player campaign mode and is mostly feature complete (as the Steam page says it will), I might not play anything else for months. I mean, short of Bannerlord being completely unplayable, or playing nothing like Warband, I don’t see how I don’t love this game, considering Warband is in my top 5 all-time, and might actually be #1. And everything I have seen and read up to this point leads me to believe that Bannerlord is going to be an expanded/updated Warband, so yea, pretty pretty excited for that one.

I’m currently playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance (post on that coming at some point), and really want to finish it before Bannerlord hits, otherwise I might never get back to it.

Edit: I’m dumb, Rimworld has a full-blown expansion that was released today for $20 that looks awesome. I still want to finish Kingdom Come, but damn urge to play Rimworld just went way up.

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3 Responses to I’m going to be a very happy, very busy gamers shortly

  1. I saw the 1.1 update announcement a bit back, when it went into the test branch, and figured that would be a good point to get another run in at RimWorld. The expansion is a bonus.

  2. Esteban says:

    KC looks like a pretty good game, but Daniel Vávra is so odious to me (Gamergate, petty racism, etc.) that even the price point of zero is a hard sell.

    • SynCaine says:

      Respect that. A game like this would normally be a full price purchase for me (early reviews of it being a buggy mess aside), but the ugly stuff with Vavra made it easy to wait until the price was basically zero.

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