The gang reunited.

Before I quit WoW, I was raiding 5-6 nights a week with a guild I had been a part of for close to two years. Over that time span, we saw a great deal of players come and go, yet we maintained a very solid core. It was this core that I got to know very well on a personal level, to the point that I would consider those people friends. After I quit WoW, the guild split shortly after and I lost contact to many of them, due to our vent server being brought down, along with our webpage and forums.

It was only recently that I got in contact with one of the players, and had a quick talk about how it would be cool to bring the core back, to get into some game together and have a little ‘return to glory’. While all of us have different schedules now, and many of us would be hard pressed to dedicate time like we did back in WoW to any game, the idea of once again playing with a very solid group of people I truly enjoy is very tempting.

Now the question was which game. I talked about what I currently play, but LoTRO is a bit too casual to really play the way we intend to, and EVE Online seems too established to jump in and form a new guild in. Going back to WoW was out of the question, as I simply have no interest based on everything I’ve read about TBC. It was decided we needed something new and upcoming. Learn the game in beta, start at launch, and just see what we can do. A good number of us favor PvP over PvM, despite playing the raid grind that is WoW. While there is a large number of new games on the horizon, Warhammer Online is the one that really stands out as attempting to get PvP right, or at least focus on it. The Warhammer world is also one I’m familiar with having played the table top game back in high school. So with that it was decided, Warhammer would be our game. It’s hard not to get ahead of oneself and start to think of all the cool things a 10 man group could pull off in a Realm vs Realm setup, but at this point that would all be theorycraft (is that a term exclusive to WoW, or a MMO term in general?).

First things first, we need to get into beta…

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5 Responses to The gang reunited.

  1. Knaledge says:

    One of the many perks I enjoy by working at EA ;)

  2. syncaine says:

    Hook a blogger up man…

  3. Nieco says:

    Fuck yeah bro :D. Btw sweet blogs.

  4. syncaine says:

    Haha thanks man. Now just need to get the rest of the group back…

  5. Drekken says:

    Heya bro, I just found your site. You seem to have kept yourself very busy with it and it is awsome. I have read several of your WoW articles and started remembering all the fun we use to have and I totally agree with the fact of ‘I played for the people I got to know on a personal level and even considered them to be friends’. It would be nice to have a ‘return to glory’ and it would indead be a blast. Maybe one day we can get into something and enjoy playing a game with friends, and hopefully that game learns from several mistakes other games have made……well at least in the begining.

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