Darklight Woods, and a quick trip to Jita.

We finally made it to level 17 in EQ2, and are still having a good time with it. The gf and I are finishing up Darklight Woods, and the zone is getting more interesting as we get further into it. Most of the quests are still fairly basic stuff, but with more skills and tactics to use on the mobs, it draws you in a bit more than it did in the earlier levels. We did our first bit of getting killed when we first ran into a camp of level 20 mobs which promptly dropped us, and later got overrun by level 16-18 mobs when we pulled one too many of them. Both mistakes could have been avoided, but it’s good to be reminded that you can indeed die if you are not careful. I’m curious to know when we will receive our first dungeon quest, or even group quest, as so far everything has been doable solo.

In EVE news, after some tweaking my Ferox is finally shaping up. I’m now able to run level 3 missions without having to warp out multiple times, or have them take hours. This should increase the pace of getting a battleship considerable. I also took a trip to good old Jita to check some prices. Sadly a Rokh was still around 135 million, and most of the fittings that I was after were also very expensive. After selling what I had brought, I only ended up getting a named afterburner and a named shield booster. Prototype versions of the 250mm hybrid turret were going for crazy prices, and I would rather continue to use my five Carbon 250mm than spend 10s of millions upgrading to the Prototype for what seems like minimal gain. Hopefully some rat wreck provides me with an upgrade soon.

Oh, and Mythic really needs to invite me into the Warhammer beta, seriously…

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