Vanguard, NWN and EQ2. Plus more FPS talk!

Some quick FoH forum reading about Vanguard reveals that a good amount of people are still not all that happy with the game, while Darren over at Common Sense Gamer reports that the latest VG patch has increased his performance notably. As FoH points out, more devs from the original team have been let go, and a Plantside developer has been promoted to the top spot. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but if nothing else it should make watching VG development more interesting. Still waiting on that free trail…

In some random act of godly intervention, NWN2 decided to run at 60+ FPS last night. Yea, about 30 FPS more than it usually runs at. I just don’t get it, I really don’t. I was honestly afraid to turn it off, knowing that the next time I launch it, it will be back to 30, or maybe drop to 10 or so. The workings of that engine continue to boggle the mind.

Speaking of FPS, the gf and I played a bit of EQ2 last night, and entered Neriak for the first time. And likely the last time. Walking near the crafting area reduced the game to a slideshow for me, and resulted in the gf plummeting to her death more than once thanks to a broken slideshow on her comp. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy all the other zones in the game without having to return to Neriak, as it really was dreadful. We are moving on to Nektulos forest, which I THINK is the next zone we should be in at level 19, correct?

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  1. LadyPao says:

    I played a trial of EQ2 and had very little trouble with the Neriak area, surprisingly enough after hearing all the stories about how the graphics gave so many systems trouble. I haven’t touched the default settings at all, and my machine is a seven year old, DELL 8250, 1.25 gig RDRAM and 256mb GE Force 6600 vid card. Cable connection. I can also run LoTRO, with a bit of dumb-down on the graphics. And WoW, altho I no longer play.
    So I’m wondering about your system- could be your connection (we recently got a booster on our cable line, as we were at the end of the row on our street- solved all kinds of problems we’d been having for years, which the cable co. blamed on our internal wiring – all brand new cat 4 shielded, best you can buy wiring). How about a defrag? The Windows defragger won’t touch large gaming files – try Diskkeeper – worked like a dream on my system. Maybe spyware?
    It just sounds like you have some ‘gunk’ locally – if I can run these game with a 7 year old, non-bleeding edge system, yanno?
    Respectfully submiited,

  2. syncaine says:

    I know its not the internet connection, as that has never been the issue.

    I have a one year old 5 grand ABS computer, 7900 GTX card among other things. While I suspect its not running at 100% efficiency, it more than carries the weight on most games. It runs Oblivion maxed out at 1900×1200 without a hitch. Now I’m running EQ2 at fairly high settings, I believe the second highest, at 1900×1200. LoTRO runs almost perfect on max settings as well, and with only minor hitching in Bree.

    Is Diskkeeper free btw? I see it has a trail, but does that actually let you run it, or just run a ‘this is what it could do’ type of thing? And is adware still the best tool for spyware?

  3. LadyPao says:

    Hmm, if you can run Oblivion without a hitch (I play that also, loved Morrowind, need to get back to it soon) and LoTRO well – could it be ‘distance from server’ issues? When I played WoW, I started on an PST server, and later changed to a mid-west server. The lag difference was noticeably better on the midwest server. I’m on East Coast, and not far from the LoTRO servers. :)

    The other thing that just occurred to me is video card chipset compatibility. I looked into building a new gaming rig recently, and came to the conclusion that the choice between chipsets can make the difference in gaming performance between game makers. Now, I’m stretching way out of my league in understanding gaming engines, programming and chipsets, but my reading of other’s experiences sold me on the NVidia chipset, which I’ve always used anyway, as opposed to the ATI. That 7900 GTX has NVidia? Do you have another vid card you could swap out, even something older like my 6600, to see if that might be it?

    And is your CPU Intel or AMD? Mine is Intel.

    Just sort of going through all the possibilities, to pin down some anomaly, some ‘mismatch’….*scratches head- in a lady-like way, of course* :)

    Diskkeepers free version does indeed run the full defrag, but I seem to remember it’s time limited, as in only 10 or 30 days to use it. I haven’t bought it yet ($30? $40?) as I’m migrating stuff to a larger hard drive – but I think it’s well worth the money, and will buy it soon.
    Not sure if Adaware is ‘the best’ – I do use it, and Norton (has some spyware capabilities, altho it has the annoying habit of running things when I’m gaming – keep trying to shut it off, but apparently it’s not listening! :( ) – between the two, they seem to keep my system running well.


  4. syncaine says:

    The 7900 GTX is Nvidia, and I have an AMD system. I don’t recall what server I play on in EQ2 (at work right now), but as far as I know, there is no way to tell where a server is located.

    It very well could be some random incompatibility, who knows. Aside from that one city, everything else has been fine, so not that big an issue really. I’ll have to grab disk keeper and see what happens, hopefully I get some good results.

    About Oblivion, the funny thing is I can never seem to finish it. I go back to it and love it for 15-20 hours, and then just get tired and frustrated of it. I think the enemy scaling system really kills Oblivion, I wish it was designed without it. I know you can mod it out, but I wish it was without it from the ground up.

  5. LadyPao says:

    I hear you on Oblivion. I think when I go back, I’m going to push the slider to ‘Easy’ mode, or at least easier than Normal, till I get a better handle on things. My first gate closing attempt I kept getting NPC-pwned in one of those towers.
    Didn’t know you could mod out the enemy scaling- thanks for the tip! :)
    GL with the EQ2 issues. My issue with not subscribing after the trial is I couldn’t find a Prima guide anywhere (but online, and I wanted to scan it to see if it was worth buying) and only one box at a Gamestop store. Makes me wonder about the long term plans for it, even considering Kunark coming out. It’s too bad, the crafting looked deep, and the player housing looked like some fun. No lawns to mow anyway.


  6. syncaine says:

    Well its not just that Oblivion was difficult, it was that everything scales up. So no matter where you go, once you are level 20, everything you see is super powerful. Bandits, goblins, whatever. No matter how powerful you become, you are just as strong vs what you are facing whether you are level 1 or 50, which seems cheap.

    There are a TON of mods for Oblivion, and I know at least one that removes the level scale and somehow sets everything to a pre-set difficulty. Problem is, that makes some quests impossible, and others too easy. Give and take I guess.

    EQ2 will be online and around for a long time, it has a very healthy player base. Gamestop does not fully support PC gaming, they focus on consoles. Try Best Buy, they usually have a large PC gaming selection, including books.

  7. Keen says:

    Just reinstalled NWN2 so that I can play through it and the expansion. I wonder if I will see an improvement in FPS…. hmm.

  8. syncaine says:

    Let me know how that goes Keen. I found a nice trick that works for me, if I minimize the game, wait 5 seconds, and bring it back up, I get an additional 5-10 FPS. No idea why, but it works. Odd engine, great story/game.

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