Focus RvR combat.

Tobold made a post today about cross continent servers, and how they can impact a game. He brings up the point that if you have a multi-continent server, there will never be a downtime since it will be peak hours someplace in the world.

He also talks about how this type of server might impact RvR combat in a game like DAoC or the upcoming Warhammer. From my personal experience, raiding a relic in DAoC was generally done in the early hours of the morning, preferably on a week day. Not very doable for anyone who works or has kids. That’s a major problem when the highlight of your game is indeed these types of raids to steal back a relic from an enemy realm. If you bring in a cross-continent server, you possible solve the problem of a small group raiding at odd hours.

I feel that while this is one solution, and I generally support the idea of mixed servers, I also have to fault the developer for implementing a system that can be overcome simply by being online when the majority of the player base can not. If you are focusing on RvR combat, you should be able to create a system that caters to when your player base is online most. This might be possible by say closing the gates of a relic fort from 11pm to 5pm, limiting the raiding window to peak times. This type of limit might not only allow more people to be involved with the best part of RvR, but also cater to more diverse strategy from both the attacking and defending teams.

Has anyone heard whether WAR has anything like this planned, or does it not really matter in that RvR setup?

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