AA: Trion being Trion at it’s finest

If even half of this is true, Trion is far more incompetent than even I have joked about. It honestly has taken most of the wind out of the game for me, which is a complete shame because the game itself is brilliant. But it feels utterly pointless to spend time gathering 3-15 gold or whatever progress you make knowing that not only is hacking so rampant, but that the company behind the game does next to nothing about it. And because AA is more virtual world than instances sRPG, someone running a 3rd party program to generate infinite gold or resources DOES impact my game.

But don’t worry, they are banning 5k free accounts a day! F2P model doing it big yet again.

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  1. There’s a lot of toing and froing on this. I’m not convinced it’s as bad as they say. I think part of it is trying to get people to see how easy it is to hack, so dopes will go and download malware and hand over their cc and a/c details.

    • SynCaine says:

      I’ve seen some of it in-game, so I know not ALL of it is fiction. I’ve also talked to more than a few people in larger guilds who also confirmed using alts to do some of this. The worst part is that when Trion bans, they generally only ban the direct-link accounts; items or gold passed off to other accounts (generally through the AH) don’t get caught.

      It’s pretty easy to observe this in-game; look at AH prices for things that can be hacked, vs things that can’t (land). They are completely out of whack.

  2. Trego says:

    F2P = Free to penetrate

  3. Ranez says:

    Half of those links are for bots/hacks that HAVE been banned. IE if you go to the archebuddy site there are loads of ban reports and people crying over it (really quite funny to read exploiters moaning about being banned for exploiting.)

    However the regrade hack worries me….. if it works as I assume it must, I am sure someone will modify it so they are able to craft anything in game for free, at any grade (spoofing client side materials in your bags, editing success chances). Hopefully (lol) trion will actually actively hunt these players down, ban them, and remove any exploited gear in the game.

    This is one of those instances where I am glad I am playing on a less busy server, the hacking dosen’t seem to be too rampant, yet.

  4. Malcolm says:

    I’ve seen confirmations of people getting reimbursed for trade hacks. I trade you 1 thunderstruck tree, you trade me 2k gold. I get tree, you get no gold. That this can happen at all means that the client of the person trading has a say in what happens and represents a serious flaw in the base methodology of how the game is coded.

    Yes, having the server do pretty much everything that’s not graphics is slower but to do anything else in a modern mmo is cosmically incompetent. The problem is that this truely is an XLGames issue, but it’s likely to be so embedded into the framework/base coding of the game that it’ll be impossible for an actual company to fix. Does it 100% need a fix to stop hacking? Yes. But fixing it would be a complete rebuild of the client/server architecture, so it’ll never happen.

    • kalex716 says:

      x1000 times this. They used some fundamentally flawed ways of developing their onlinetech at the architectural level… Its kind of mind boggling.

  5. dynaform says:

    I was reading through the comments on that linked massively article and noticed people calling for hardware bans like SOE had to do for Planetside 2 because you know.. f2p lol. Not knowing how this works I googled ‘Planetside 2 hardware bans’ and the first 4 results were how to get around it.

    I hope EQ Next learned from that fiasco and is watching this one. But most likely not and it will be a bot / cheat filled disaster too.

    I will keep playing AA to see the new continent and give them about another month to sort their shit out.

    • SynCaine says:

      I cancelled my sub, but it runs until mid Nov. Hopefully Trion has at least made an attempt to figure out how to run an MMO by then.

      • saucelah says:

        Mine runs until the end of December. All this botting and hacking just makes me completely unmotivated to play. But they’ve already got my money, so I’m sure they don’t care.

  6. Pendan says:

    Was an announcement today in game from GM about them going after the bank chars that all the bots they banned traded with and then the end users that traded with those bank chars to get purchased gold. Thought they were doing that already but hopefully they do it seriously this time.

  7. Mobs says:

    This is the archebudy forum today. All this began today, fuck yeah

    • SynCaine says:

      You have to have a pretty high level of downs to use your hack program the day of a patch. Pretty sure at that level people using the hack aren’t even doing anything worthwhile with it, but if you believe organized guilds that run multiple alts to clean goods get caught in this kind of thing, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

      • Mobs says:

        Organized guilds who still use Archebuddy as an individual. Archebuddy is what is being detected, if you are dieing to hate this game, take the full step.

        At this point you are seemingly focused on it while the other people you are supposed to play with are out riding boats, running packs, killing shit, hanging out in vent, farming, treasure hunting and having alot of fun.

        You have spent so little time in a game you seem to be so convinced is already screwing you. You logged into this game with literally all the resources you could of asked for hooked up for you. People who dont even have a farm are having a blast.

        Turn off the forums and just play the game with us and stop logging in for 10 mins a day to say a few things in chat and start investing some time with us.It’d be more fun for everyone, stop focusing on what other people are doing and just have fun with some friends. Everyone is assuming you wont be here in a week and that sucks. If you are going to bounce nullify the guild so the ones who hang out everyday and take the next step.

        • Anti-Stupidity League says:

          “Everyone is assuming you wont be here in a week and that sucks.”

          So it’s 4 months since the launch date already? How the time flies.

        • SynCaine says:

          Not for nothing Mobs, but you are looking to move the land the guild (initially you, but now not all of the spots are just you) secured because you can’t put up with the hackers living next to us butchering you daily (and lets hope that when you do sell, you don’t sell to a hacker and Trion takes that gold off your account), so lets at least be a little real about the impact of all of this (and we aren’t really important enough to draw real attention).

          What do you think the organized, competitive guilds have been doing to prep for the upcoming continent with guild castles (an important, cool-sounding ‘end-game’ for guilds)? You think they are legit running packs and such, or doing what they need to do to be competitive? Now maybe you have zero interest in the larger things guilds can do in AA, but I do, or did. But I’m not running a group into a brick wall because the company trying to run the game isn’t capable of doing so, and has turned everyone playing without hacking into punching bags for everyone that is (and it’s NOT just a few random farmers running hacks to sell gold in AA).

          As for my time with the game, while I can’t play as much as you (no one does), I was one of the first 50s in the guild, so please. Also the guild is my creation, everyone but you (since Jala randomly left over the hackers, locking everyone out of the house the guild was using) is in it due to me. What happened with the guild event Sunday that Jala was supposed to help everyone with?

          Too many stones from someone in a glass house man.

  8. j3w3l says:

    Trion being Trion again. Legit players having their gold taken away due to being paid with rmt gold

  9. silvertemplar says:

    Well last night in the game on the EU servers we at least got broadcasts from GMs saying (or almost bragging) about how they have just banned another 1000 accounts and they are not starting to take gold from players that bought from them, one transaction at a time.

    So amusingly right after that you would see forum posts appear about people saying “their gold is being hacked” , because it was getting taken away by Trion heh.

    So i’m hoping they can keep all this up though.

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