Mythos beta, and more NWN2

Ah what a weekend. Redsox in the world series, Patriots 7-0 and blowing everyone out, BC ranked #2 in the country, the Celtics season about to start with the new big three, and the Bruins… well I think the Bruins have started playing, rumor has it hockey is back on. It’s a great time to be a sports fan in the New England area. Everyone jump on the bandwagon!

Back to a topic most readers here actually care about, it’s been an interesting weekend of gaming. I played a little Mythos thanks to Bildo, and I must say it’s not half bad. The graphics are very decent, although nothing groundbreaking, the sounds is on point, and overall the gameplay is good in a ‘break your mouse from clicking’ way. It’s nothing earth shattering, but it’s a decent Diablo clone. If I have one grip with it, and this might be improved in time, is that the game is limited in your character choices, with only three races and three classes. I found myself wishing for the distinct variety that Diablo provided, but like I said, hopefully they expand on that and add some more choices. The item balance also might need some work, as I had a few drops that were WAY above my current gear at the time, and when I got them they made the next few levels trivial. While it’s really nice to see that uber item drop, it does ruin the next hour or so in terms of challenge. Bottom line though, the game is certainly worth trying if you are a Diablo fan looking for some quick action, and from what I saw its bug free and runs very well, no graphic errors or lag.

In NWN2 news, I’m currently a few hours into act 2 in the original campaign and really loving it. Without spoiling anything here (I hope), I really have to say the trial part was great. It featured tons of interesting dialog choices, twists and turns, and some really great voice acting. A very unique experience in gaming that was very enjoyable. The story itself has really picked up, and the quests are well written and full of tough choices. The game makes it very easy to role play a good guy (like my Paladin), a neutral keep everything balanced character, or a more evil ‘in it for me’ type, both in terms of dialog choices and actual ways to complete quests. What I have found most interesting is that I am really enjoying sticking to my character, and trying to always be lawful and good, even if sometimes those choices don’t seem like the ‘best’ way to solve a problem. It puts the party into some tougher situations, and perhaps does not always lead to the greatest rewards, but it adds a great deal of immersion seeing realistic reactions from the game world when you always try to play it straight. It also makes me want to go back and play an evil character just to see how the different choices effect the overall game. For anyone reading this who has not given this game a try, I HIGHLY recommend it. Even though it has some technical issues, the gameplay and story more than make up for this.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Go Sox! Go Pats!

  2. mbp says:

    Hmm. I’ve had NW2 sitting on my shelf for over a year and I never even took it out of the shrink wrap. Perhaps I’ll install it the next time I need a break from mmorpg land.

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