The Orange Box, coming soon.


Not much of an update today, other than to say it looks like I’ll be picking up the Orange Box soon. The amount of praise Portal has received has convinced me it’s worth the purchase, and getting Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2 will be nice side bonuses. I was not the world’s biggest Half-life fan back in the day, and never really got into counter strike, but if the two come with Portal, I might as well give them a shot. Only problem right now is that my gaming time is maxed out between NWN2, EVE Online and EQ2, so I’ll have to wait until I’ve finished NWN2 before getting Orange Box. Still, looking forward to seeing what all the hype about Portal is all about.

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  1. Topknot says:

    You wont regret it.

    I bought the set for Portal and Team Fortress, although Im immensly enjoying playing through HL2 and looking forward to getting into the Episodes included.. I had to buy it for console though as lately I keep suffering from motion sickness playing FPS on the PC and Portals not the type of game you want motion sickness while playing ;)

    Portals one of those rare games that only comes around once in a while. Everyone keeps saying its too short but I personally thought it was just right. I wouldnt say no to extra missions of course but by and large I thought it was just right.

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