Mythos update.

I’ve been playing a good bit of Mythos lately, my main character is at lvl 14, a human bloodletter, and overall it’s been very enjoyable. The graphic style is very nice while being very easy on hardware demands, and the sound adds very nice squish and smash noises without being overly annoying.

The big draw of the game of course is the item chase, bashing everything in sight in the hope of picking up some nice gear. Mythos does a great job with items for two reasons; it is very flexible in what you can use, and it has a large variety of item levels.

You are only limited in what items you can use by three base stat requirements; strength, dexterity and/or wisdom. That’s it, no classes, no weapon skills, none of that. At level 14 I’ve already gone through a wide variety of weapon setups, from sword/shield, to a big two hander, and currently duel wielding an axe (Sunder) and a mace (some green with nice stats). Anytime you find something that is an upgrade, you throw it on and have at it. The big advantage of this is that very few items that you find of good quality will not be an upgrade for you, as you can use almost anything. In previous games of this type, it was all too common to get a great rare drop that you could not use for one reason or another, and often-times trading proved difficult. This is simply not the case in Mythos.

The other item related thing Mythos does really well is in its expanded range of item quality. The levels, in order, are white/blue/purple/green/teal/orange (I think, never seen an orange item). I think I’ve seen in chat of people talking about red items as well, but I’m not sure where they fit in. The point is with that wide range of item qualities, most dungeon trips yield an upgrade or two, and if you really get lucky and pick up some green or teal, it’s a good high. Even a blue at level 14 can be in upgrade over a purple or green if it has the right stats, or might simply be higher level than your current stuff. It’s a constant carousel of gear switching, and a game like Mythos relies on that to keep you motivated.

All that said, Mythos is still in beta, and it shows in a few areas. One is the enemy variety, and how it is used. With the limited number of enemy models, basically almost every dungeon uses close to all of the enemy types, meaning all dungeons and quests look the same, or very similar. I’m sure (or at least I hope) this will be changed in future updates, but currently it’s the main reason Mythos to me is a 30-45 minutes at a time game, and not something I really get into. The above complaint also applies to the dungeon textures. The ones currently in the game are fantastic, but more variety is needed.

I’m sure I’ll talk more about Mythos as I get my character into the 20s and beyond, but so far so good, and thanks again to Bildo for the beta key!

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6 Responses to Mythos update.

  1. LadyPao says:

    I’m still waiting for a beta invite. :( Is there anything I should do other than sign up at the Mythos website?? I don’t have any first-borns I could sacrifice….I do have a few cats I could swing three times around my head, chanting something mindless…would that improve my chances of getting in?

    This sounds like a game which I could lure the hubby back into gaming with me. We played Diablo2/LoD endlessly. Another good simple hack and slasher would be just the ticket.


  2. syncaine says:

    Well I got mine from Bildo, he had a post on his blog that he had 50 keys to give out, first 50 to ask got them. I’m clueless to how they are doing it beyond that though, sorry. If I see more key handouts, I’ll be sure to make a post about it here however.

  3. LadyPao says:

    Thanks, I read you daily, so I’ll watch for any updates.
    I saw Bildo’s offer – after they were all taken of course.


  4. tipa says:

    @LadyPao — Hellgate: London is (afaik) based on the same engine and is the same kind of game AND is about to be released, plays for free, etc — you might want to look into it.

    @syncaine — the thing I like least about Mythos are the useless quest rewards. Not much xp, not much coin, and useless gear…

    I use a str/dex 2 hander that procs fire nova and I have some jewelry that gives a chance of casting fire nova when I am hit, so I walk around ‘sploding stuff. It’s cool :)

  5. syncaine says:

    Yea the quest rewards are indeed useless. Is the xp from quests that low too? Somehow I was under the impression that it was a decent chunk of xp, but I could be way off. That is a good point though, other than giving a location to travel to, quests are somewhat of an afterthought.

    My axe has the nova proc, some piece of armor has an electric wave proc (forget the name), so something is always going on when I swing. Plus my own AoE attack, which is deadly.

    Edit: Oh, and awesome job on SUWT, you did great.

  6. LadyPao says:

    @tipa – I’d heard Hellgate used the same engine, but I wasn’t interested because of the London setting. I don’t care for games in ‘real’ settings, as they tend to just be so dreary and depressing (like that dreadful zombie game series, I forget the name, or the more dreadful Tomb Raider set in Paris, I believe it was…ugh). But I just cruised the wiki on Hellgate, and it looks much more interesting than my assumptions about it. I like the blending of ‘actual’ history *cough* being brought into the game- curious as to how they will handle Templars and that lore.

    Does anyone know if Hellgate can be played ‘tween 2 PCs, with a crossover cable, thus eliminating the need to access online servers? We used to play Diablo that way, and lag was never an issue. Thanks in advance for any info.


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