Halloween and Bioware, but not related.

Just a quick note about NWN2: Make sure to complete the Blade Golem quest in the original campaign, the dialog from Grobnar (the gnome bard) is priceless. Really good stuff, well worth the bit of effort it takes to track the pieces down.

So the big news going around is that Bioware has (not) announced their new MMO, which will be star wars based. I’m not sure how I feel about that, not being the world’s biggest star wars fan. I never played KoTOR, or SWG, so I’m not an expert on how exactly star wars games play out, other than knowing they get panned whenever they release one for a console. I do play EVE, which is space based, and I enjoy that greatly, so I’m not completely against a space based MMO. Although I doubt Bioware’s game will be purely ship based like EVE, it will be interesting to see the mix between character and ship based content. But considering the game won’t be out for some time, and the fact we don’t even have a name or a single screen shot, we will have plenty of time to break the details down in the future.

Moving on, here is my breakdown of Halloween. When you are young, it’s a great day because you get a ton of candy and get to dress up as your favorite cartoon character, running from one scary house to the other. Then you hit that age were you are way too cool to dress up, too old to collect candy, and you just don’t really care for Halloween. And then you hit college, and Halloween becomes that magic day were girls are allowed to dress in lingerie in public and no one objects (but actually, would males object if that was a daily occurrence?), one of the great ‘excuse to party’ days for four years. And finally, the last stage of Halloween, the eerie stage where you are too old to dress up but no one told you, and you get dragged out by your wife to some goofy party wearing one of those awful ‘adult’ costumes. Oh and then you die, which in Halloween terms, means you resemble a decoration… odd.

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  1. mbp says:

    Syncaine I strongly reccommend Kotor. It really is a terrific game with a strong story line, great characters and rock solid Bioware game mechanics. The starwars theme is a bonus if you like that sort of thing but not essential to enjoying the game. Don’t expect space combat though – most of the game is set firmly on the ground. There are a small number of space dog fights but in my opinion they are the weakest part of the game.

    Nice summary of Halloween by the way but you missed out a phase. When you grow up and have young kids of your own it becomes quite magical again – you get to relive the fun of Halloween through them. Not quit sure how I will feel when my daughters get to college age though and go out dressed up as prostitutes :(

  2. syncaine says:

    Yea the gf pointed out that I forgot that phase. Not there yet personally, but it is a good point.

    What kind of game is KoTOR? I know its an RPG, but is it like BG, or Dungeon Seige, or what?

  3. mbp says:

    Its not like Dungeon Siege at all, far more like Neverwinter nights in Space. It has complex character development and a rich storyline with lots of side quests. You skill up your main character along a variety of paths but you also pick up a selection of team mates along the way and get to skill them up too.

  4. syncaine says:

    Is the combat like NWN? From the screen shots, I always assumed it was more action based, with special moves and combos and such. Am I totally wrong?

  5. mbp says:

    Ummm….. Its bit a while since I played either but here’s what I remember of Kotor: Combat is turn based each character perform an action when their turn comes up. However if memory serves the default behaviour is to queue up skills for several turns so the action seems more continuous. There are nice animations for the skills but it is not an “action” game. There are skill combinations but only within the confines of the turn based system.

  6. syncaine says:

    Ooh turn based, awesome. I will definetly have to check that out then.

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