Goodbye 07, hello 08.

So the first calendar year as a blogger is over, and it’s been a very interesting year indeed. The blog was started in June, with the usual ‘all my thoughts in one place’ idea that many bloggers follow.

It started strong, with posts comparing WoW to other MMOs, leading to links from high traffic sites that gave me a quick start of sorts. I then hit the usual ‘blogging slump’ sometime in the third month, and blog traffic reflected this. While still posting 4-5 times a week, the post were below whatever usual quality previous entries had. Still not having an established base of readers, the blog depended on outside links to drive traffic, which is a fickle master. On days with a major site link, traffic increased greatly. On days without a link, the blog was basically just me talking to myself. (Which is fine btw)

Then on September 6th, I was somehow linked by the BBC tech front page directly, which resulted in a massive two days of traffic, the end result being over 22,000 visitors. A crazy amount considering the average at that time was somewhere around 50, and even today the total number of hits is under 50,000. After that two day stretch, the blog has maintained a healthy amount of readers, along with a steady supply of comments, which really help in getting debates going and providing future post ideas.

For 2008, I hope to maintain the consistent rate of posting, be it in-game reports or random design foolery. I also look forward to participating in more podcasts, with two under my belt so far. For actual MMO games, I’m looking forward to Warhammer to draw me in and hold my attention from release to at least 2009. Other than that, I plan to continue learning and exploring EVE Online, questing and running instances in WoW with my guild mates, and perhaps getting back to LoTRO to hit 50 and see the remaining content.

2007 was a good year, and hopefully 2008 will top it.

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3 Responses to Goodbye 07, hello 08.

  1. Topknot says:

    Hope 2008 goes as well for you as 2007!

    Ive enjoyed reading your blog since its start in June, although I tend to read it through an RSS reader so not sure if I actually give any ‘hits’ as such. Always a good read and as a result I bought and played through NWN2, tried the trial of EVE (and intend to subscribe next month) so thanks for that!

    The max traffic my blog received in 2007 was about 16 people on one day :-) Slow start for me so late in the year…

  2. syncaine says:

    Glad I was able to point you towards some quality games. I don’t track RSS feeds, but I don’t over-focus on hits anyway, so all good. More interesting is seeing which posts drive more traffic than others, and trying to see why that is.

  3. Topknot says:

    Ive been trying to track that via google analytics and it seems some early posts I made about Monster Hunter Freedom 2 were bringing me a lot of hits in and still continue to do so to a degree.. I dont even have that much info there but it seems a lot of people want to find crafting guides for the game.

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