Less RL, more MMO time please.

It seems to be a slow day in the blog world date. Not much to entertain me, resulting in not much to entertain you, oh faithful readers.

My gaming time has been randomly limited of late, and what time I have had has been spent in WoW trying to catch up to my instance group. Hopefully this weekend I can get back to The Witcher and try to finish it up, as it really is an excellent game. Once that is complete, and WoW returned to its regular low maintenance level, I should have a bit more time for EVE, as I need to get back to some PvP in that. I have a few ships all set and ready to go, and the last few weeks have been well spent finishing up some much needed skills. I also need to stop being lazy and finally get enough ISK together to purchase a Hulk, something that is long overdue considering I’ve had the skills to equip and fly it for over a month now.

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  1. Swift Voyager says:

    There are 4 blogs that I like to read and respond to, yours is one of them. Unfortunately, I seem to have been banned from all of them at the same time. Since I don’t troll or spam or anything like that, I’m assuming that someone accidentally added me to a block list. Since you don’t have contact info on your site, I’m posting to ask you to make sure you didn’t block me by mistake.

    On the other hand, if you blocked me on purpose, then why?

    Surely I didn’t kill you in Eve or something….

    Thanks for the help, and I hope you can read this even if it won’t post on the site.

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