“Top of the world baby, top of the world!”

Banner 17 baby!

What a game. Unbelievable that the Lakers just mailed it in and quit on that game. Granted they were playing a clearly superior team, but still, you don’t just let yourself get beaten that badly on a global stage. Embarrassing, and all that ‘Kobe is the next Jordan’ talk can stop. Not only did Jordan never lose a finals series, he sure as hell never let his team get blown out like that.

Great turnaround, an amazing ending, bring on next season!

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5 Responses to “Top of the world baby, top of the world!”

  1. Beau Turkey says:

    Wait a second…what game are you talking about? Are the Lakers the side with elves or orcs?

    *looks around, confused*

  2. Tim says:

    If I were a Celtics fan, I too would be excited about next season. About half your team will be able to start drawing social security, and can take a pay cut, freeing up some cap room.

  3. syncaine says:

    Considering they have Pierce, Garnett and Allen signed for 3 years or more, their cap space is actually fairly limited. But rumor has it three allstars is a good way to build a team…

    Oh, and the Lakers definitely played the roll of the prissy elves last night Beau.

  4. sid67 says:

    Congrats. Our own basketball battle here in Seattle is ongoing this week and the court will soon be deciding if we’ll have a team next year. I’m happy for you and former Sonic Ray Allen. I followed the series in the press, but I boycotted the entire playoffs this year due to the Sonics situation. It’s sickening to watch the systematic dismantling and theft of your hometown basketball team. The world outside Seattle has no idea how crooked this whole thing has been. David Stern is a disingenuous asshole and outright liar with no credibility. If (and more likely when) the Sonics leave, I will never watch an NBA game again.

  5. syncaine says:

    Yea the whole Sonics thing is a crime. Such a storied franchise in a major west coast city, being moved over something rather stupid. The fact that Stern is allowing it to happen is awful, and I don’t blame you for being outraged.

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