Market report, day 1.

Day 1 marketing report:

Bought: 10,000 Large Antimatter rounds at 120 ISK per.

Sold: Nothing

The market was quiet… a little too quiet. Actually the above is only half true, I did sell some random stuff, but it was not off the new buy/sell orders I created for the market experiment. In all fairness, only about 20 of the possible 46 (I think) market orders are devoted to the new market, with the rest being old order I had set up in my previous location. As time goes on, those will either sell or I’ll just cancel them as I see fit. The goal is to have all available orders working the new market.

With all that said, the lack of action does raise a concern I may have picked a location with anemic traffic. Not going to change plans just yet, but it will be something to watch.

As for the actual details, as the market is in Amarr space, I have a buy order for each type of large crystal, as well as buy orders for small, medium, and large AM ammo. As seen above, the large AM ammo order has been filled, and the ammo placed back on the market at a system low price of 150 ISK per. I also have a buy order out for Paradise missiles, which are reportedly popular with mission runners. (I fly a Rohk myself, so don’t know the missile situation personally)

More to come!

Edit: I started with about 25 million ISK devoted to the marketing experiment, which limited me somewhat in what I could place buy orders for. Hopefully once this whole thing gets going, those limits won’t be a factor.

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8 Responses to Market report, day 1.

  1. Bonedead says:

    Quite =/(does not equal) Quiet, budday!


  2. syncaine says:

    F you buddy!

  3. If you’re going to sell ammo, get into a mission hub like Dodoxie or Motsu or equivalent Amarr system. Although the Amarr one might be hard if all the locals use lasers :P

  4. syncaine says:

    My reasoning for staying away from the hug hubs is the amount of competition. I just don’t have the skill/funds/knowledge to compete the the big guys just yet. Maybe someday :)

  5. Bonedead says:

    I’m not you buddy guy!

  6. syncaine says:

    I’m not your guy pal!

  7. Zeraxeal says:

    Hybrid charges aren’t really a good choice in Amarr, I reckon.

    non-faction ammos are generally used by missioners, and it’s difficult to find Gallente missioners or Caldari that uses large turrets instead of cruise missiles for missioning in Amarr.

    IMO, you should see more marketing action if you try Paradise cruise missile :)

  8. Zeraxeal says:

    And I didn’t know that this was almost a year old thread XD sorry for necroing.

    I assume you don’t play EVE anymore?

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