Avoiding the WotLK beta.

The fact that people are actually AVOIDING playing the WotLK beta should tell you all you need to know about how much content they think the next expansion will provide.

For me personally WotLK does less than nothing. Another few tiers of the same old raiding game I finished in Azeroth, more grinding of a broken PvP system, and just ten levels of what actually made WoW great, questing and exploring new zones. If WotLK existed in a void, I would be looking forward to it just to see the few new zones, but sadly it does not. EVE is currently keeping me more than busy, and that little game called Warhammer Online is just around the corner. Between those two, and what each offers, the changes that WotLK will bring look very weak, and I think we are starting to see that feeling creep around the MMO space.

Will it do well? Of course, it’s still WoW, and clearly enough people have shown a love for the grind to do it all over again. But do I believe a significant amount of the player base is tired of TBC+1 in WotLK? Yes. And it’s that player base that helped AoC get the launch numbers it got (before they all left after the first month), and it’s that base that will at least give WAR a shot. Whether they drift back to WoW or stay in WAR just comes down to Mythic delivering on their promises.

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  1. Shalkis says:

    To be fair, there’s two major groups avoiding WotLK beta: Those that don’t care, and those who don’t want spoilers.

  2. spinks says:

    Yeah, I agree. It’s WAR’s game to lose now. They won’t come anywhere near the WoW totals but there are a lot of semi-burned out people who will give the game a chance if it comes out a month or two before Lich King.

  3. Mikejl says:

    I totally agree on the 10 levels of PvP and Raid race for gear I personally do not like. However I do look forward to the new areas to quest and explore and to also play the death knight.
    Problem it’s that WotLK taking sooo long that I have discovered Vanguard and currently playing a Dread Knight and buy the time wrath does release I may already be swallowed-up by Vanguard.
    I feel like yelling “Blizz .. WTH! You are so close to making the best PvE gaming experience!” Put flying mounts everywhere…add boats, houses, hobbies and better crafting. I fear PvP has ruined what could have been the best PvE MMO experience.
    Of course that’s my perspective and I know it is a minority.

  4. syncaine says:

    Shalkis, are those two groups basically not the same, just different degrees? If WotLK had a much broader offering of content, and not just a 70-80 version of TBC, would those that don’t want spoilers not be as worried? They worry now about spoilers because they know what WotLK has to offer is very limited. And those that are burned out would have a lot more to look forward to and revisit as well.

  5. Bonedead says:

    I hope Mythic can do it, they’re my favorite.

  6. Kiseran says:

    Peoples taste really can differ, huh?
    I really don’t like leveling at all, but running Karazhan for half a year streight still hasn’t fed me up with this place. As long as its a place where 5-man-groups (or bigger) can shine and Blizzard gives me a reason to be there, I’m all for it and looking forward to more of the game that entertained me for more than 3 years without a single absence longer than 2 weeks.

  7. sid67 says:

    Another few tiers of the same old raiding game I finished in Azeroth, more grinding of a broken PvP system, and just ten levels of what actually made WoW great, questing and exploring new zones.


  8. Yeebo says:

    In launch WoW I leveled hapily to 60, and then hit a wall. Switched servers, leveled up another toon, got him to 60 a few weeks before TBC, leveled to 70 and hit the exact same wall.

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me thrice….hell man even I’m not that stupid.

    Unless Blizzard has something shocking up their sleeves that we won’t hear about until launch, I won’t be touching WotLK.

  9. Rog says:

    I try to avoid betas, though my restraint tends to give in at times (depending upon my level of boredom at the time). No sense seeing content before it’s “ready” I figure.

    As a counterpoint though, I dislike games being delayed for release in order to have a longer advert-style beta.

  10. Relmstein says:

    I think the Wrath of the Lich King was originally planned to be just the same 10 extra levels and follow the same path that the Burning Crusade set. However, it seems like Blizzard is starting to actually innovate because of pressure from the upcoming Warhammer. So far this year they have announced three new features that seem like they will really expand the game play beyond standard addition of dungeons and zones.

    New features:
    All Raid Content scalable to 10 mans
    Achievement System: offering useful and cosmetic abilities/talents
    Flying Combat: PvP based objectives in Lake Wintergrasp, PvE dungeon The Occulus

    I’m still going to try Warhammer first, but I haven’t written off WotLK as the lesser game yet.

  11. sid67 says:

    Assuming that WAR is successful, I still think WoW will continue to be the better PvE game. As Syncaine points out, the part that makes WoW great is the questing and exploration of new areas, including new instances and zones. The problem with Blizzard’s PvE game is that at some point you run out of content. In a PvP game, the competition against other players IS the content, so as long as people are willing and able to compete – it’s impossible to run out of content.

    The difference for me personally is that I just don’t have the patience to endure yet another artificial reputation, gold or gear grind in WoW. I’ll buy Wrath and I’ll play it until I reach that first progression wall a few days played into Level 80, then I’ll stop. The Emperor is in fact, wearing no clothes.

    So while Wrath may indeed end up being a great expansion, there is just no way that it has the staying power *for me* that WAR can offer if it lives up to even 80% of the hype. The fact is that I just can’t see myself playing Wrath for longer than 3-4 months with or without Warhammer Online.

  12. Rick says:

    I agree with Sid that WoW will probably be the better PvE game. WoW and WAR are focused on quite different goals, despite their apparent similarities.

    Honestly, I expect WoW to continue to be successful, and WAR to find success as well. I don’t think they’re going to impact each other all that much.

    Personally, I was done with WoW a long time ago. I only kept my account as long as I did because my daughter liked making new characters…but now she finds Animal Crossing on her DS more exciting ;) She’s 8, I don’t think that should be a negative comment about WoW.

    Even if WAR absolutely bombs and I can’t stand playing it, I won’t return to WoW. I’ll play Eve and wait for something else, but I was done with WoW a long time ago.

  13. frank says:

    I do think WoTLK is just going to be more of the same, but I do think that will be good enough for 2-3 months of fun. I’m excited about WAR and I’m hopeful that it will be a great game, hopefully better than WoW and I am more than willing to make that my primary MMO, but there is still a long way to go and a lot to develop.

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  15. Yeh well.... says:

    Either way Blizzard wins. Many probobly will be dissapointed with how WOTLK turns out but, most will buy it then find this out so Blizzard wins. Others will happily play on paying that 15$. Blizzard is a big company they can afford to not kill WAR with this 1 game.

  16. Dan says:

    I am willing to bet 90% of you gusy that don’t care about wotlk either a) don’t care about warcraft, the story and characters, or b) have never gotten into real raiding (aka hyjal/BT and beyond)
    The reason wow is so damn awesome is case the raids. *)% of people don’t even go there. Blizzard has fed the newbism with easy epics and easy pvp that some think that is what the game is and stop there. Get into a raiding guild. Kara doesn’t count. The instances are awesome and the bosses and even trash are fun to clear. The wotlk zones look great and the 5-mans thus far… who cares. They are lvling tools nothing more. It’s the raids that matter. And from what I hear, they sound/look amazing.
    They have really progressed in bmaking boss encounters very difficult or atleast colorful and unique. So if you are burnout on wow but never raided high end content, I can see why. If you have raided them but never worked to do it as the guild first, then that doesn’t even count.

  17. Cellme says:

    I think “hitting the wall” most people mentioned on this thread is with related to the lack of progression. Upon reaching level 70 you can PUG almost all the heroics, kara and za but rarely can you do a good raid for the other places such as MH, SSC or even Gruul’s. I speculate that almost 70% of people online every night are there to grind dailies or hopefully PUG the same heroic they did the other night. Thats what badge gears and gems are for, thus it becomes so boring over a period of time.

    The primary reason for all these boredom is the lack of progression on each individuals level – since progression on high end content can only be enjoyed if one has a progressive guild. A number of people don’t belong to decent guilds, or guilds who have progressive raids and for those who do belong to progressive guilds – they still need to battle it out for raid spots.

    So how can casual players enjoy high end content?

  18. Aliooo says:

    Well, if you’ve already grown tired of the game and have moved on, I think your a dumbass if you expect a single expansion to completely revamp a game…

    If you look at the short history of MMO’s, major, abrupt changes ruin them.

    SWG was rather popular back in the day, and it was the most dynamic of all MMO’s in my opinion, until SOE suddenly announced they’d be “simplifying” combat a month before they did it. They lost over half of their community I believe. so a few months go by and they’ve somehow recovered the HUGE loss of members, what do they do? Revamp it again. This time however, they dont just over-simplify combat, they completely remove the game’s 32-profession system, the very thing that made it unique… In a matter of two years, only the three most popular servers werent ghost towns.

    WoW is successful. Wether you like it or not, 10 million subscribers(old number, might have increased?) is not going to cause a revamp of this “Broken PVP”.

  19. Hiro says:

    Lot of yes-men here, which is fine. To each his or her own. However, the majority of respondents and the OP are in the tiny minority of mmo players. Sure, doing the same grind for months on end can get boring. Hell, most games out there feel they’re a success if they get you to play it for 60 hours. Period. AOC didn’t last more than a month because it’s just not as good as wow. I don’t have hopes for WAR for pve at all. It’s a pvp game which is cool and will get a decent following since they’re not trying to be all things to all people. But wow has a really really skilled team of developers as much as we like to qq about them. I’ve played the beta for a few weeks now and have found the experience to be universally exhilerating. After leveling my DK and ‘old toons’ to 80, I look forward to many months of fun in raids. Will I be around for WoW4? I don’t know. But wotlk will still easily rule the mmo world for some time to come. If any game captures even 10% of their market share, I’ll be shocked. Big time. I guess it sucks to be such a ‘broken’ game eh? :)

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