Everything I want to write is under NDA.

How have all the people who have been in the WAR beta been able to think about anything else? I was sitting today trying to think of something to write about, that won’t be NDA breaking, and I just can’t. I can’t talk about how I think a certain class is awesome, why this little UI feature is gamechanging, or just how amazingly incorrect all that ‘its WoW’ talk is.

Mythic needs to drop the NDA, and quick…

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8 Responses to Everything I want to write is under NDA.

  1. Mikejl says:

    Ironic .. everything I want to read in under NDA.

  2. nuyan says:

    Hmpf, you almost make me want to play WAR, which I really didn’t intent to.

  3. Kanthalos says:

    My question that you can answer is do you think that what you enjoy about WAR is stuff that will keep you happy or do you think it will fade eventually like the first few weeks of any new MMO?

  4. syncaine says:

    I could see myself playing it for a long time, both with a ‘main’ character, and then also with alts. That’s saying a lot, because I hate alts in MMOs, but WAR is so naturally set up to play a few, it only makes sense. One main for the serious RvR stuff, and then alts to experience everything pre level cap from all 6 sides.

    The PvP just ‘works’, and I wish I could say more. And the PvE is, imo, WoW-like but fresh and new. If you liked the questing aspect of WoW, I don’t see why you would not love WAR, even if you avoid PvP (which is very doable)

  5. Aaron says:

    I’ve thought about writing a few things about MMOs in general, but anyone who knows I’m in beta might assume everything I’m writing is with a wink and a nod (that I’m writing about WAR).

    Or maybe that’s just my excuse for not posting anything today. :P

  6. Snafzg says:

    Welcome to the last six months of my suffering! :P

  7. H00LiGAN says:

    Oh that pesky NDA, I curse it everyday.
    I find that even the PvE feels like PvP, which I love.

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