Taking a no doubt short break from EVE.

I’ve long been a fan of EVE Online, and constantly cite it as an example on how to fix whatever current issue is brought up in MMO gaming, so it’s somewhat surprising that I’ve decided not to renew my two accounts, which run out in November.

My original plan was to continue playing EVE alongside Warhammer Online, keeping up with market activities and running a Corp Op when possible, yet I just don’t think I’ll do ENOUGH to justify continuing the subscriptions. While I still love the game, I just don’t have much pull to log in these days, and without a clear goal, EVE gets rather dull. Running missions just to run them gets very boring, mining even more so, and any market/trading can be done usually in less than 10 minutes a day.

This has left me wondering what exactly EVE is missing that other, more traditional MMOs have to keep us going. When I quit WoW the first time it was due to complete raiding burnout. The second time it was due to running out of interesting content pre-raiding, and raiding was not something I was interested in again. Both times however it was a very clear end, I just knew I was done. With EVE, I certainly could continue to play, and I’m sure I would log in once a week or so and do a few things, but that drive to log in, the motivation to pay the monthly fee, is just not there. And I think that feeling is fairly common in EVE, just from reading other blogs and also talking with Corp members, who seem to drift in and out of the game.

Perhaps that’s part of the design, a constant, living world which you can revisit at will and pick up right were you left off. If you leave for 6 months, your Corp won’t be on a new tier of raiding, or replaced you with another member to fill in your role. When you come back, you will still be able to run missions, mine ore, and trade. While EVE has a nightmarish barrier of entry for completely new players, it has perhaps the lowest barrier of reentry. I have no doubts I’ll come back to EVE, likely sooner than later, to pick up right where I left off.

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7 Responses to Taking a no doubt short break from EVE.

  1. Crazykinux says:

    Safe travels in WAR my friend. We’ll miss your EVE posts, and look forward to your eventual return!


  2. Tim says:

    I think you said it — EVE is only fun with a goal. And WoW, WAR, and all other theme park games make sure you always have a goal available. In EVE you have to make your own goals. And once you stop doing that, it’s not fun anymore.

  3. mbp says:

    Out of interest – do you keep up your training when you are on a break from EVE or do you let the subscription and everything lapse?

  4. syncaine says:

    During my last break I did, but that was because I had a 1yr sub on both accounts. This time I’m letting the sub lapse, so I’ll set a 30 day+ skill, and just let that sit until I come back, whether that is within 30 days or not.

  5. Vimes says:

    Come and try the http://www.BeyondProtocol.com Closed BETA – would love it if more Eve players came and gave some opinions on this SciFi MMORTS’s potential. As a player I want more MMO players in – we have a huge amount of RTS coming in and they are enjoying it too much to think aboutlaying some community groundwork in – join usss join usss now…

  6. rocwieler says:

    You know, I’m gonna take the other stand on the whole “Make your own goal” argument. I have found in many MMOs, especially WoW, that’s it like playing a single player game that just happens to have other players there. I don’t like having limited options, preset goals.

    That is the beauty of EVE. I create my own goal, realistic or non, then strive to pursue it. One day, I will figure out how to be an effective smuggler. In the meantime, I strive to become a Colonel in the Empyrean Age, and FC in the Command Ship I will reward myself with once I achieve that rank.

    A simple truth someone told me when I played SWG. “A game is only what you make it.”

  7. Mynxee says:

    I go through periods where I wonder what the heck I’m going to do next in Eve. I just coast through those times as they never seem to last long. Either me or my friends in game come up with some crazy idea or another that we can’t resist and then things get exciting again.

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