Mark Jacobs blog, Open Beta, and CPU issues.

Mark Jacobs not only started a blog, but has been a one man typing machine ever since. It’s almost scary really; the guy posts and replies more than Tobold. I doubt our blog overlord will take this lightly, and has already fired an indirect shot (well not really, but go with it here)

Jokes aside, the blog makes for some great reading, and gives some nice insight into not only Mythic, but Jacobs himself. The game must be more ready to go than we though, if Mark has time to blog like a madman, and Mythic starts the open beta a few days early (hear that, something in MMO land happened BEFORE it was planned. It’s a reverse Blizzard!)

I’m curious to see WAR without the graphics turn down, and to play with Aria when the NPCs don’t run away from you. I mean we had a great time during PW, and the game was seriously borked. Getting my 2nd computer back from the shop ‘soon’ (the repair shop and Blizzard have similar business models, quality work, not so good with the whole timeframe deal) will help too, as it was having a little bit of a CPU overheating issue, and being a high end machine, I was not super comfortable messing around with the CPU myself. I would rather pay $100 or so and be safe than do it myself and fry three grand of hardware. When the CPU was having issues, it would randomly shut itself down, which in turn oddly enough made WAR erase 5-10 minutes of game play, often resulting in Aria having to redo a quest or run to a town for a second time. When that happens every hour or so, it’s understandable that she was getting frustrated. On the other hand, the fact that she is still really looking forward to the game speaks volume.

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3 Responses to Mark Jacobs blog, Open Beta, and CPU issues.

  1. Openedge1 says:

    I for one am counting on better visual quality than I have seen since the Internet WAR fanapalooza started.
    I was convinced that I should try it before discussing it, as it totally is better than it looks.

    Of Course, I was told that AoC rocked hard also!

  2. Graktar says:

    Well, in AoCs defense (lol, did I really just type that?) if you had the right computer, the right internet connection, the moon was full, the stars aligned, drank some beer, and didn’t play past level 30 or so, AoC did rock hard.

  3. missilemike says:

    Whos blog is this???

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