iPhone MMO, Field Runners, and a slow Friday.

Slow Friday for anyone? It’s rainy here in MA, and its 3 hours before the work week is done and the weekend begins. The lethargy is so bad I can’t even come up with a blog post today… I mean clearly I’m posting this, so I just lied, but I can’t really come up with anything Warhammer or MMO related.

I actually have been addicted to a new game, and one from an unlikely source. Field Runners for the iPhone. Field Runners is a tower defense game, and one that seems rather simple at first when compared to what battle.net offers for Warcraft 3 maps. Four different towers with three upgrades each, one map, enemies have 5-6 different varieties, they run left to right. Nothing fancy like combo towers, random events, picking tower flavors, heroes, nadda. Just simple left to right enemy blasting. And I can’t beat it on hard.

As anyone who has ever played a tower defense game knows, they are addicting up until the point you beat them, and then almost instantly you move on unless they have a great deal of randomness or competition, like GEM TD on WC3. But until you do beat them, they taunt you and taunt you, basically forcing you to try different strategies until you finally have a winner. Evil bastards…

The iPhone itself has really become an amazing gaming platform in a very short amount of time. Thousands of games (most are trash), tons of free stuff (mostly trash), easy download and install process, usually stable, good graphics and sound. The one thing the iPhone is missing, and this might be a blessing for the economy and any hope of recovery, is an MMO. It has the connectivity, it has the graphics power, and it has shown that it can support games even with just the touch screen (shockingly well actually). So why have we not seen on? I’m not talking about a WoW-like complex MMO, but more along the lines of the grindfest Nexon games, or something like Diablo. Mythos would actually be PERFECT on the iPhone. I’m sure one will come along eventually, but it’s surprising that we don’t have one yet.

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8 Responses to iPhone MMO, Field Runners, and a slow Friday.

  1. UFTimmy says:

    I play the crap out of Lux Touch on my iPhone. It’s a risk type game. I liked it so much I went and tried the full fledged PC version — but I prefer the iPhone version for its simplicity.

  2. syncaine says:

    Yup I have Lux, but it’s too easy on the iPhone. Good game though.

  3. lala says:

    i love this game

  4. dr. harper says:

    is there any PC game or a more in depth Tower defense type game. I also love this iphone game and was wodering if there is anything else out there?

  5. syncaine says:

    Warcraft 3 is your best bet. TONS of really amazing tower defense maps available for free on battle.net. You can pick up the warcraft battle chest for cheap these days, highly recommended.

  6. Eric says:

    I absolutely love Field Runners. The most recent update adds another map and two more towers, which spices things up a bit. I’d definitely reccommend this game to anyone who has time to kill. Best $6 I’ve spent on my iPhone.

  7. James Turner says:

    There are a couple of MMO like games on or coming for the iPhone in the near future.

    KingdomGame : http://www.kingdomgame.net is one that has been running for a while.. thousands of players competing for the same virtual land.

    Then there’s Outer Empires – http://www.outer-empires.com – that is a fully graphical mmo coming from the same people that did KingdomGame.

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