WAR 1.06 patch quick thoughts.

The 1.06 patch notes are out, enjoy the novel. For anyone who tried the patch on test, you know what an improvement 1.06 brings to the combat. Hopefully the transition to live does not affect this. Odder things have happened…

Hopefully by the time everyone has tried the new classes, and generally enjoyed tier 1-2 again, Mythic will fix up the T4 issues, or at least improve them enough to make it viable. No experience in that myself (rank 30 still), but enough people have bitched about it that it must be true… right? 1.06 does bring changes to zone control, reducing the impact PvE and scenarios have, while upping the effect of keeps and objectives. Should be a solid change, but we will have to see how it plays out. I think at this point, no one would really complain if the whole city siege campaign moved a bit quicker, but you don’t exactly want the game to be a daily city siege, that would kill its impact and importance.

Looking forward to trying out 1.06 live tonight, more tomorrow I’m sure.

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