Still no DarkFall for you

Looks like DarkFall won’t go back on sale until the current server has had it’s queue issue resolved. That will happen ‘soon’,  like Blizzard content patch or SOE patcher ‘soon’.

Good thing people avoided that ‘scam’ of pre-orders being limited and all that. Ha, who would ever limit the number of digital copies available…

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6 Responses to Still no DarkFall for you

  1. Simaril says:

    Yay for being on holidays till 14. March…no chance for me to get a key since release :(

    Atleast almost everyone from my guild is in and ill have no problems skilling up and having fun since the first minute i join up…

  2. Sightless says:

    Noobs dont know about mah darkfall acount

  3. Bonedead says:

    Praise be to Allah!

  4. Syncaine,

    I have the client downloaded, and my CC info saved and ready to purchase the game. I’m an old school UO player from the Chesapeake server, and I’m looking for a clan to join once in the game.

    What race do you play, and which races are allowed in your clan?

  5. syncaine says: is my guild, Orc/Mahirim races. Feel free to apply at the forum.

  6. kerrizor says:

    Bleh.. I really wanted to take DF for a spin. I admit, I didn’t hear much about it until the launch-blues it suffered hit the intertubes, but it sounds like such an awesome (and welcome) change of pace.

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