Games I actually play (DarkFall) update.

Out of all the easy criticism a ForumFaller might make against DarkFall, why are so many people getting so worked up about the game not being on sale 24/7? If you know DarkFall is not the game for you (and lets face it, it’s fairly obvious to ALMOST anyone whether it is or not), why are you so worried about being able to buy it? Just seems a very strange thing to continue to harp on… (Ignoring of course the actual reason behind the shop being down, which many seem to have trouble grasping as well)

In “I’ve actually played DarkFall this week” news, Inquisition sold our hamlet to a friendly alliance, and will be moving to a new ‘location of opportunity’. Personally I’m a bit sad to be leaving the Tribelands, but unfortunately Primal had one too many idiot guilds who thought it was a good idea to siege hammer harass a major alliance, and as retribution said alliance burned Exodus Syndicate’s hamlet, prompting them to pack up and move out. Since Exo was one of the major guilds in the alliance (and the only other guild with property), their departure is a fatal blow to the original idea behind Primal (establishing control of the Tribelands). Oddly enough, once Exo packed up, most of the guilds that originally started the trouble seem to have disappeared, funny how that works.

On a greater scale, the Goons and friends in DarkFall continue their war against the few guilds remaining loyal to Hyperion, taking three cities over the weekend. Hyperion’s last major city, Long March, should be the site of a rather epic battle. (or a few server crashes, depending on how big the zerg gets) Once the ‘rp enemy’ is gone, we will see who the Goons turn their eye on next. While both Goons and the Death alliance are both larger than Hyperion ever was, it’s very unlikely they will go at it after spending so much time on the same side. Death also has all of Yssam to conquer, while the Goons could turn their attention towards Cairn. Either way, SOMETHING has to happen once the Hyperion boogieman is gone, or both alliances will start to bleed members due to boredom.

Inq spent some time over the weekend doing merc work, and I was able to finally see a large portion of human and orc lands. I must say its impressive just how different the terrain is compared to the tribelands, both from a visual and a tactical standpoint. The difference in architecture is also interesting to see between the cities and hamlets of different races. It would have been an easy move for Aventurine to just release with one standard look for all player owned cities and hamlets, so credit to them for going the extra step and actually making everything unique, ensuring that each siege on a hamlet or city requires it due diligence in scouting and prep work.

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  1. Squirrt says:

    Speaking of unintended consequences in an MMO, do you think that Adventurine considered that such large alliances would form. Or that one alliance might actually take over the world? What do you do then?

    Well maybe not take over the whole world, but what do you do when there is no one left to fight and everyone has become one with the borg?

  2. Paragus says:

    Trust me, they knew there was a very real possibility of the server being split into 2 sides. I think in a few weeks from now this will all be over in terms of the Hyperion war.

  3. syncaine says:

    I think the biggest factor keeping alliance size in check is travel time. When you are surrounded for 30 minutes in all directions by allies, it makes the game very boring. Very little PvP in your area, every good PvE spot is camped by friends (so you can’t kill them and claim the spot), and you sit around waiting for the leadership of the alliance to tell you what you can do.

    Both Death and Goons have been entertained so far because they have had the imaginary threat of Hyperion to fight. Now that that is more or less over, we will see what they create to entertain themselves.

    The other factor is that while being in a zerg is the way to ‘win’, being in a small group is a whole lot more fun day to day. As more and more guilds realize this (and have the stones to leave the zergs), I think the game will naturally turn towards regional fighting.

  4. Paragus says:

    I was reading that Death raided the goons last night, so I do think they do fight each other. I think once this is over they will break it up and get back to fighting each other more.

    btw, check your PMs over at INQ forum Syncaine.

  5. syncaine says:

    Got the PM, and I’ll believe Death and Goons are fighting when they start sieging each other, not trading gear to throw people off. Death (imo) is very focused on Yssam, and Goons don’t like fighting someone who can fight back without overwhelming numbers (which currently they don’t have vs Death)

  6. Bonedead says:

    The goons are ftl! There, I said it!

  7. Diametrix says:

    Well, I finally got into Darkfall over the weekend. I’m glad I persisted. There were many days that I thought, listening to the masses, ‘This game sucks, don’t bother trying’.

    Darkfall is a lot of fun! A lot. The foundation of the game is very good and there is a TON of room for improvement. (well documented)

    I’m learning my way and have joined a clan/alliance. Yesterday I spent over 4 hours travelling by foot across most of the continent to get to my alliance’s holdings. This was one of the most immersive and intense times I’ve spent in an MMO. I’m not a FPS person by trade and the limitations of vision and perception combined with the hostile environment greatly enhanced the journey.

    I’m glad I got in.

  8. syncaine says:

    Lies. Everyone knows you can’t buy DarkFall, and even if you could, it’s a 2/10 ‘bad game’ that’s beyond repair.


    Glad you are enjoying it, what guild/alliance?

  9. Diametrix says:


    I was only ganked once during my long cross of the continent. But sneaking up on chaos stones to move my bind point while said stones were either camped or loitered about with enemies was intense!

  10. syncaine says:

    Stasis huh… I’ll get back to you in a day or so :)

  11. Diametrix says:

    I may have said too much….

  12. Diametrix says:

    What do you think about that ‘capitulation letter’ from Manus?

  13. syncaine says:

    Yea I’m at work, so no idea what is happening in-game atm.

    As for Manus, lets hope this leads to a Death vs CC war, or an agreement by both to break apart so the server can be spared more zerg vs zerg sieges. The game is great fun when you have smaller alliance fighting, the zerg stuff is what really kills it. Either way though, big changes are coming as always.

  14. Eyeball says:

    Some day I may move to DF. It sounds like its right up my alley, but right now I am still addicted to fixing Order on my server, and of course the expansion coming next month.

  15. Rostam says:

    Hey Syn, I was a DF hater when it first came out but I came around (in part thanks to your posts) and bought it last week.
    Am loving the game and I look forward to the upcoming Death vs CotC war. I am in the Death Alliance but not because I chose to join a big zerg but rather because a guild that I had known from other games was in their alliance.
    DF has problems beyond a doubt and no need to repeat them here, but there are three things in DF that set it apart from every other game on the market:

    – Guild politics actually matter, you can take something from your enemy and actually hurt them, and you can do it at any time, no windows and such.
    – Geography matters, how far your ally’s city is from you, the terrain you fight over, where your enemy’s city is etc.
    – There are consequences to almost every action you take, your personal/guild progression is not a steady path forward but you can take steps backwards, sideways, take a big leap forward or be left in ruin and poverty.

    No other game can boast having all three of those, and very few can even claim one of them. For me consequences is the big one, I am a bit tired of the old MMO model where you can do whatever you want and are generally free of any consequences or retaliation because of game mechanics.

    The question for me is whether the issues with the game will outweigh it’s advantages and whether the game has staying power in the long run.

  16. Rostam says:

    Also wanted to clarify that I tried the game at first, didn’t like it and cancelled once. On my second go I decided that the only way to enjoy the game was to join a a good guild and so far it’s worked out. If you are trying this game for the first time my advice is to do your research and find a good guild to join, it makes a big difference in learning the ropes.

  17. syncaine says:

    @Rostam: As you found out, it’s an easy game to hate because it does not hold your hand and show you the fun parts on a guided tour. Those that take the time to find them though, like you have, more often than not actually realize why people enjoy it so much. It has tons of issues, but the core is more than solid. Good luck vs CC, hopefully the war takes both of you guys out and the last two major alliances splinter :)

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