Sims 3 Review (EG style)

The Sims 3: Fun game. 9/10.

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10 Responses to Sims 3 Review (EG style)

  1. Anjin says:

    LOL You slacker!

  2. syncaine says:

    I’ve played it for 100 hours, I swear!

  3. Dys says:

    I lol’d. Great review!

  4. pitrelli says:

    Hmm i dont think its fair to slander Eurogamer as a whole for one bad article/review. EG as a site is a damn good reviewing hub with some good info.

    Also arent EG re reviewing the game?

  5. syncaine says:

    One terrible ‘review’, and then the follow up of sticking with it when it was made very clear it’s trash. Sorry, one incident like that is enough to damn the place in my eyes and make it a good joke.

  6. pitrelli says:

    Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion so fair enough.

    As i asked are EG getting to review the game again? I am aware they offered however I’ve not heard anything since.

  7. syncaine says:

    They said they wanted to, Aventurine said they would not provide more free accounts for them to do so since they would not remove the first review. I don’t check the site, so no idea of they still plan to or have just given up.

  8. Bonedead says:

    I searched EG website yesterday for DF and couldn’t find any mention of it.

  9. pitrelli says:

    i would think after the fuss Adventurine kicked up about it they would have accepted a re review. However they did play it very well by adopting a seige mentality which most of their players have as well. Perhaps they dont think they will recieve a higher score I really dont know.

    The thing with a niche game like darkfall is if you dont like it you dont like it. Its as simple as that, is it a review from a hardcore players perspective or that of a casual player?!. Darkfall with all its penalties, needing a guild etc would be a hard game to review properly imo. Did the EG review put me off? Nope I will still give it a whirl in a few months as I find some of the ideas interesting.

  10. syncaine says:

    It’s only hard to review if you focus on the design decisions and how you (as the reviewer) feel about them. If the whole review is “The game is terrible because it’s all PvP, and I hate PvP”, then yea, worthless review. But if the review focuses more on “Does the game work”, that’s more helpful. Can the engine handle 100v100 battles? Does the UI work for the game? Does the game crash/stutter without reason? Graphics look like SNES stuff? Quality of the sound, bla bla all that.

    Just because I’m a fan of PvP does not mean I blindly buy any and all PvP MMOs. I passed on Fury, because even though it was a PvP MMO, all I heard was it’s in rough shape and not worth it. I’ve heard Mortal Online is really rough right now, so not really bothering with that either.

    The original EG review made DF sound like Fury from a tech/design perspective, and that’s simply not true. Nothing to do with whether you enjoy full loot PvP or not.

    As for accepting a re-review, they said they would agree to one if EG took down the original due to the factual errors in it. The issue was never about the score or how others will perceive DF, so long as they don’t outright lie or make stuff up to further whatever agenda.

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