DarkFall update, in which PvP happens.

The last patch for DarkFall fixed my memory crash and resolved the sound = lag issue, the two things really putting a damper on my enjoyment of the game from the tech side. This, combined with the “We are moving, lets just PvP for the F of it” attitude thanks to NA-1 coming soon has lead to some really fun times recently.

For the majority of my in-game time, I’m out with one or two guildmates PvP’ing, more to work on our player skills than for the loot. The loot is still nice of course, but we go out in decent gear and don’t mind losing it, and this in turn gets us into fights we might otherwise have avoided, like initiating a 2v4. Perhaps its just random luck, but it seems we are running into similar-minded players, and instead of long mounted chases with little action, the last few days have featured some incredible fights to the finish. The Tribelands area in particular has been a lot of fun, and we have been getting some good action from the current residence of our old hamlet (The Fringe) and the NPC town Moonclaw. It seems they are always up for a fight, and don’t always just naked zerg. (Everyone does this at times, so you can’t really fault them when it does happen)

One particular string of encounters stands out as a good example. Riding between our old hamlet and Moonclaw, a guildie and myself spot two mounted players, and ride towards them to engage. They see us and ride in our direction, and soon we clash in a 2v2. It seemed both character and player skill was about even, and after some very close calls we eventually killed both of them. (I forget the names now, but credit goes to the second fighter, who instead of running when things went south went down fighting, and almost killed one of us in the process) A few minutes later, near the same area, we again see two mounted riders, and sure enough, it’s the same two guys, re-geared and looking for another fight. We engage again, and this time they get the upper hand quickly as my guildmate got sandwiched and lost his mount quickly. We managed to down one of their mounts, but at this point my mount was near death, and my stamina/health was at about 50%. They focused my guildmate who was on the ground with a bow, and managed to kill him after some good coordination between the rider and the guy on foot. I knew my only chance was to finish the guy on foot, and hopefully get into a 1v1 with the mounted guy in decent shape, but just after the killing blow on the ground player, the mounted guy struck me from behind and insta-killed me off my mount. After the red swirl and shock wore off, I checked my combat log and sure enough, a hit for 50ish damage did me in. (I was getting hit for 15-20 normally) Had that hit not been delivered, I could have stalled the fight a bit and recovered, and who knows how the 1v1 would have gone. Both fights took about 10-15 minutes to resolve, and the entire time it was great ‘edge of your seat’ fighting rather than hit and run stuff.

This type of scenario is just an example, and becoming the norm rather than the exception for PvP recently, making DarkFall really enjoyable and allowing me to refine my PvP skills quickly. Just from the last week, I’m much more comfortable going into a small scale situation and knowing my role in it, and feeling like I have a good chance to come out on top. This all makes the wait for NA-1 that much harder, as many of the early issues with the game are now resolved, yet the effects linger on EU-1. The only major addition still missing is the hard cap for the skill system, and I’ll be shocked if that’s not patched in before NA-1 goes live.

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